James Franco Lets Randos On The Internet Tell Him What To Do And The Result Is HIGHlarious! The Top 5 Moments In GIFs HERE!

james franco sock

James Franco has been known to do some pretty unusual things.

But this latest move just might top the cake!!

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The 36-year-old actor teamed up with PAPER Magazine in their continued efforts to #BreakTheInternet and held a Google Hangout in which people could ask him to do whatever they wanted, and he had to comply.

They called the session #MakeJamesDo.

He was asked to sing, dance, make out with someone, let puppies lick peanut butter off his mustache, and more…

Check out the top 5 moments in GIFs (below)!!

James dancing to the Backstreet Boys:

james franco dance

James covering his face and crotch with whipped cream:

james franco whipped cream

James making out with a neon yellow sock:

james franco sock

James letting two puppies lick peanut butter off his mustache:

james franco dogs

James basically playing Fruit Ninja with real bananas:

james franco fruit ninja

And here’s the full video in all it’s glory! Watch if you dare:

Nov 18, 2014 2:50pm PST

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