EXCLUSIVE! Summer Frosts Over With Jasmine V & Jream Andrew’s Coldest Heartbreak PT. II — LISTEN

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Feel the brrrr!

Sister-brother duo Jasmine V and Jream Andrew have released Coldest Heartbreak PT. II, and it’s a track everyone can relate to!

We may have first heard PT. I back in 2011, but the wait was worth it.

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Listen to the new House Rousseau produced song (below)!!!

Speaking on their inspiration for the audible saga, Jasmine and Jream offer the hope of healing that comes from facing your pain and regrets with heartbreak:

“This song came from a real personal place when we did PT. I and it feels good to be able to circle back.. basically with our struggles in our day to day life now, to be able to continue the feeling and impact with what we did on PT. I with all of our growth as artists and as people, it’s amazing.” – Jasmine V

“I know, for me – that PT. I came from a really dark place where I was hurting more than healing. With PT. II, it gave me a chance to heal first so I can shed more light that heartbreak is sometimes needed to move on and knowing what my sisters been through in her life as well, especially right now, it just seems like we’re wearing our hearts on our sleeves wanting to help others going through similar situations.” – Jream Andrew

You can purchase this gem off iTunes HERE!

Jun 15, 2018 12:01am PST

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