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Johnny Depp SUING ACLU To Find Out If Amber Heard Lied About Charity Donation!

johnny depp suing aclu amber heard donation

Johnny Depp will make Amber Heard look bad in court if it’s the last thing he does!

According to TMZ, the embattled actor just sued the ACLU in an effort to find out whether his ex-wife actually donated millions of dollars to the organization like she said she would, as he believes that her ex Elon Musk footed most of the bill instead.

The filing is part of Johnny’s effort to undo a judge’s ruling in London late last year, which determined that The Sun hadn’t defamed him with their 2018 “wife-beater” headline. As we reported, the actor and his legal council are trying to prove the Aquaman star swore a false oath in court when she claimed she donated $7 million total to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital LA — which she agreed to do as part of their divorce settlement.

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What’s clear is the ACLU did receive such a hefty donation. In August 2016, the org issued a press release thanking Amber for pledging to donate half of her $7 million settlement. Months later, the charity revealed she donated $350,000 directly. However, Depp’s team thinks any of the money donated in Amber’s name actually came from the Tesla founder, who was dating the actress at the time — which would mean Amber perjured herself by lying in court about how much she actually coughed up, and that the judge falling for it worked against the Pirates of the Caribbean star in the final ruling.

Johnny’s lawyer Andrew Caldecott QC previously called the supposed donation a “calculated and manipulative lie, designed to achieve a potent favorable impression from the outset,” claiming that it “tipped the scales against Mr. Depp from the very beginning.” Caldecott exlpained:

“We say it is a potentially subliminal message — ‘I want him to pay but I don’t want to keep a dime of his money because of the way I have been treated’ — and obviously in the context of this case it implies revulsion at the way he has treated her physically… [If] the truth about the charity claim emerged at the trial, it would have materially affected Mr. Justice Nicol’s consideration of Mr Heard’s evidence as a whole. … The evidence presented a wholly exceptional act of philanthropy, which would have deeply impressed any reasonable person. Her public statements expressly stated that the ACLU donation had victims of domestic violence specifically in mind. The subliminal message of the charity claim was in any event clear: Ms Heard would not wish to keep any of Mr Depp’s money, because he had subjected her to serious violence. The evidence presented, and was obviously intended to present, her in the strongest terms as both virtuous and a victim.”

Because Johnny believes that proving Amber lied under oath could help his second defamation case in the US, he and his team are now on a mission to find out the truth — and they claim that the ACLU has been very uncooperative in that process.

So the star’s camp is asking a judge to step in and make the organization hand over the appropriate financial documents that show just how much Heard actually donated from her own pocket; an amount he believes to be only around $450,000 total.

Only time will tell if the judge agrees that it’s important to get to the bottom of this donation drama, and how much the outcome of this will affect the overall case. What do U think will come of all this, Perezcious readers?

[Image via ACLU/Instar/WENN]

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May 19, 2021 13:30pm PDT