Justin Bieber Accused Of Shirtless ATTACK On DJ’s Manager After Getting DENIED At The Club!

justin bieber dj michael woods fight over music

Ruh roh, little Biebsy!

Looks like someone has got themselves into a big pile of trouble once again.

Justin Bieber might need to learn to be on his best behavior because he’s getting a bad rep pretty damn quickly. And things are only getting worse because he’s accused of being a big ol’ baby starting a fight after being denied the music he wanted to hear at a nightclub.

DJ Michael Woods (pictured above with the Biebs) spilled all the deliciously disastrous beans on Twitter after his wackadoodle run in with the Biebs in South Korea. He tweeted:

Add Michael to the list of celebs demanding the Biebs spend some of his millions on a shirt. But have they seen his bod lately? It’s pretty shirtless-worthy!

But this story doesn’t end here because the party’s host, Ben Baller, is claiming the Biebs wasn’t in the wrong!

He’s reportedly said the DJ is blowing it all out of proportion because NO punches were thrown! Although, he did admit there was a little tiff going on between the two when the Biebs came up to the DJ booth.

We’re not sure what to believe since the Canadian clubber hasn’t exactly avoided dramz lately, but all we can say for sure is this DJ is totes NOT a Belieber.

[Image via Facebook.]

Oct 12, 2013 2:01pm PDT