Karl Lagerfeld Comments On Technology And Facebook

Karl Lagerfeld might know all about fashion, but the designer doesn’t know that much about technology or even everyone’s favorite stalking website, Facebook.

When interviewed recently about his career and the ever changing fashion world, the topic of technology came up.

And when it came to Facebook, Karl called it “a flawless object.” Adding:

“I think they are very beautiful objects. There is no touch of what is considered bad taste or bad design [with technology], because bad design is bad taste today. They are flawless in a way. Facebook is a flawless object. It’s for me like a Brancusi.”

Then he continued by saying someone had given him a Facebook as a gift in white gold, as well as a Blackberry and iPod in white gold.

That just brings out the LOLz.

Somehow we’re guessing he probably meant to say someone gave him an iPad in white gold.

You might not like Facebook or technology that much Karl, but we do wish you’d join Twitter!

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Nov 18, 2010 2:00pm PST