Kathy Griffin Wins Major Legal Battle Against Aggressive KB Home CEO Neighbor

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We’ve long been reporting the news about Kathy Griffin‘s aggressive, really kind of wacky neighborJeffrey Mezger, the CEO fo KB Home — but now we’re getting word about a major legal battle won by the comedian.

It was just a couple weeks ago that Griffin had her restraining order against Mezger dismissed by a judge, but now, we know that another judge has completely tossed out a request for a restraining order from Mezger himself.

Sorry, CEO-bro!

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All the legal battles now presumably should be squashed and over with between Griffin and the Donald Trump-butt buddy CEO Mezger, so it appears that whatever beef there is now needs to be solved between the two of them.

Probably for the best, but definitely a final bow tied up on the legal controversies that have plagued this case now for well over six months.

What a headache!!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Mar 17, 2018 6:59pm PST

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