Did Katy Perry Just MAJORLY Shade Taylor Swift? The Claws Are OUT With This Message! RAWR!

katy perry throws shade at taylor swift on twitter whaaaaat

Yikes! This just took a turn for the worse!

Taylor Swift's interview with Rolling Stone came out yesterday and there were A LOT of revelations in it.

Like how she's NOT about that love life speculation, which girl on Girls she would be, oh and that she's feuding with a certain über famous female singer who happens to be the inspiration behind a song on her upcoming album.

Even though the Shake It Off singer refused to name her frenemy, speculation has been running at an all time high.

Well, Katy Perry just may have put an end to all the speculation.

The This Is How We Do singer threw some MAJOR shade in the form of a Mean Girls reference at someone – no idea who (wink wink) – on Twitter this morning…

She said:

Hey! Maybe KP was on a farm and met a girl in a sheep suit named Regina George??


No one knows ANYTHING for sure… but it sure does look like someone has her claws out… YIKES!

Sep 9, 2014 11:49am PST

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