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Kelly Osbourne Is Defending Miley Cyrus & Telling The Haters To "Piss Off!"

Kelly Osbourne has become the personal hater swatter to controversial gal-pal, Miley Cyrus!

Has Kelly Osbourne become Miley Cyrus‘ personal public relations cheerleader?!

Or is she just having a Chris Crocker/Britney Spears moment with her twerky gal-pal?!

Ozzy‘s daughter is coming to Mileybird’s defense yet again, after reports surfaced claiming the Wrecking Ball singer’s new(ish) scandalous persona is just some act for attention!

At a British Airways launch party Wednesday night, Miz Osbourne dished that Miley is exactly who you think she is:

“This is something that George from Fashion Police can attest to because he met her for the first time and goes, ‘Wow, she’s exactly how you would imagine her to be and how she portrays herself to be. And that’s the truth.”

Kell-O added:

“If you don’t like it then piss off. She’s a young woman who is just expressing herself.”

Although the E! host is cool with most of her friend’s expressions, let us not forget she recently criticized the singer and her wild tongue on Fashion Police!

She’s just being Queen Miley, guys!

…And nothing’s ever going to change that!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Sep 28, 2013 11:40am PDT

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