Kelly Osbourne Reignites A Feud With Paris Hilton On Twitter! But After You See What Paris Tweeted, You Won’t Be So Sure WHAT Is Happening!

kelly osbourne paris hilton side eye feud twitter coachella

This is pretty odd behavior from BOTH of these ladies.

This year’s Coachella has been pretty AH-MAZING so far, there have been surprise performers, great fashion, and celeb sightings galore!

But now, something a bit more unpleasant has come out of the musical madness; Kelly Osbourne and Paris Hilton are, apparently, feuding!

Uh oh!

The whole thing, reportedly, stems from the fact that Paris approached Kelly in one of the many VIP areas at the festival and Kelly refused to let Paris hang out with her friends.


So Paris, apparently, called her a b*tch and stormed off! Kelly wasn’t happy with this, however, so she took to her Twitter to directly address Paris!

She tweeted:

WHOA! Well, Kelly has been known to not have a filter…

However, Paris ALSO took to the Twitterverse to clear up her side of the story.

She said:

Wait, that didn’t clear ANYTHING up! It just left us even MORE confused!!

Are these ladies feuding?!? Is it all a big misunderstanding?!?!

What do U think is happening with these two!?!

Apr 14, 2014 4:45pm PDT