Kim Kardashian Nearly Broke The Internet├óΓé¼┬ª Well, Paper Magazine’s Internet!

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Looks like their goal was accomplished!

Kim Kardashian‘s nude cover for Paper Magazine commanded the news last week, and with a headline like ‘Break The Internet Kim Kardashian’ we’d say their mission was almost accomplished.

The publication’s rep released their traffic numbers, and they’re impressive:

“November 12, our traffic hit 6.6 million page views with 5 million of those being unique visitors. This is just direct traffic to the site, and does not include the billions of impressions created on social channels and news outlets.”

That’s billions with a B!

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Additionally, as of Thursday, the eight pics that Paper Magazine tweeted received 7,993 retweets and 7,078 favorites.

But that’s nothing compared to what the one picture Kanye West tweeted got, which was 76,000 retweets and 85,000 favorites!

In case you’re not familiar with numbers, that’s A LOT!

The good news is that the Internet didn’t actually break though, because that would be a nightmare!

[Image via Paper Magazine.]

Nov 17, 2014 9:20am PDT