‘SNL’ Skewers Kanye’s Meeting With Donald Trump In MUST-WATCH Opening Skit!

'SNL' On Trump & Kanye!

'Saturday Night Live' Perfectly Captures The Chaos Of That Ridiculous Oval Office Meeting!

This is too damn funny! Saturday Night Live did their thing last night on NBC, and Alec Baldwin reprised his now-typical role as Donald Trump, recapping the week that was for our insane, orange President.

But it wasn’t just Baldwin who stole the show on SNL!

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With Kenan Thompson taking the role of football legend Jim Brown, and Chris Redd doing a MARVELOUS impression of Kanye West, the entire skit was on point and firing on all cylinders!

Seriously, ch-ch-check it ALL out (above)!!! Too funny!!!

PS — there were a handful of other good SNL skits and clips last night, too… watch ’em all HERE!

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Kanye West Is Back On Twitter…

Kanye's Back!

Ready Or Not, Kanye West Returns To Twitter...

Not sure if this is a good thing or not, but… Kanye West has returned to Twitter!

After dumping the social network recently to streamline some things in his life and likely improve his personal mental health, ‘Ye re-activated his account over the weekend while in Africa with Kim Kardashian West and their family.

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Yeezy is working on music on the continent right now, and as part of that project, he’s tweeting little snippets of video from Uganda for all his followers to see (below):

So there you have it, y’all…

He’s baaaaaa-aaaaaaaaack!!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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Drake Calls Out Kanye West On LeBron James’ New Barbershop Show — Watch!

Drake Blasts Kanye!

Canadian Rapper Calls Out 'Ye On LeBron's Barbershop Show -- Watch!

Drake spilled a LOT of tea on LeBron James‘ new barbershop-themed show, y’all!!

The Canadian rapper appeared on Bron’s new HBO show The Shop on Friday to discuss what went down over the last year between him and Kanye West, and there was a LOT to watch during the roundtable!

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While also talking about past failures and speaking candidly about being fathers and how they were raised (or weren’t raised) by their own fathers, Drake and LeBron — and show host Maverick Carter — eventually get down to the core of the issue between Drake, Kanye, and Pusha T.

There’s a TON of things to watch for in the video (above), but one thing at least to certainly be sure of: Drake is pretty strongly adamant that Kanye backstabbed him and betrayed his trust in Wyoming!


Watch the whole thing (above) and let us know what you think in the comments (below)!!!

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Cardi B vs Makeup Artist! Selena Gomez Partying Hard Before Rehab! AND…


Cardi B vs Makeup Artist! Selena Gomez Partying Hard Before Rehab! AND…

Cardi B is a mean girl? Beauty vlogger goes viral with her video about their alleged makeup session gone terribly wrong. Cardi responds!

Is Selena Gomez and her boozing to blame for the singer’s recent kidney issues and stint in rehab?

Justin Bieber is not handling his ex’s health problems well!

Kanye West‘s loved ones are begging him to take get back on his medication, but Kanye claims a new doctor told him he’s not bipolar. There’s a real issue there!

And more of today’s hottest topics, including Drake, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Bella Thorne, Johnny Depp, Amy Winehouse, Stevie Nicks, Kris Jenner and MORE! Watch! LINKS BELOW!

Enjoy! And SHARE!

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Kanye West’s Friends & Family Are Reportedly Begging Him To ‘Get Back On His Medication’

Kanye, Please!

Rapper Apparently Refusing To 'Get Back On His Medication' After Bizarre White House Visit

It’s been a bizarre few months for Kanye West.

And now, his family is reportedly growing more and more concerned for the rapper’s mental state — without any idea of how to get him to actually accept the help they believe he needs.

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At that infamous meeting Ye had with Donald Trump in the White House on Thursday, the rapper at one point claimed he had been “misdiagnosed” with bipolar disorder, and said that he is now “off medication” he’d previously been using. (more…)

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Twitter Reacts To Kanye’s WILD Meeting With Trump!


Twitter Reacts To Kanye & Trump's WILD Meeting

Kanye West‘s White House visit was even wilder than expected as he steamrolled over Donald Trump and ranted for nearly 10 minutes before taking questions.

Those watching — the ones who weren’t too flabbergasted to speak — had a lot to criticize.

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See the best responses to Ye’s Trump love fest, complete with sexism, racism, conspiracy theories, nonsense, and — oh yeah, his iPhone password (below):  (more…)

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Donald Trump Suggests Lunch With Kanye West Will Help Him Get Black Votes

Using YE?

Trump Suggests Lunch With Kanye Will Help Him Score Black Votes

Donald Trump and Kanye West both think they get something out of their unique “friendship.” Kanye gets to revolt against society’s expectations of him, while POTUS believes he gets more support from male African American voters.

The president gushed over his famous endorser in an interview with Fox & Friends on Thursday, doubling down on his claim that his poll numbers with African American men went “through the roof” since Kanye went MAGA.

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Trump also spoke about his upcoming lunch with the Ghost Town rapper, noting that they plan to discuss prison reform and what can be done to make the city of Chicago less violent. He didn’t mention the fact that the midterm elections are just a few weeks away, but we’re sure Trump plans on bringing that up, too.

Like he said, Kanye’s the key to the black vote. You know the old saying: there’s no such thing as a free lunch with the President — especially when midterms are coming up!

Do U think the prez is using YE? Watch his interview (below) and skip to the 3:05 mark to hear him talk about Kanye.

[Image via ABC News]

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