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Lamar Odom’s DUI Is Caught On Camera! Could Be Humiliating For Khloe If Ever Released!

lamar odom dui arrest caught on police car dashboard camera

Ruh roh! We bet they want this tape tucked away forever!

If you’ve had some trouble keeping up with Mr. Kardashian in these past few months, we can’t blame you. This stuff is cray!

But you might remember that Lamar Odom got pulled over at the end of August for a DUI, and it was all caught on the cop’s dashboard cam!

How humiliating for Khloe Kardashian if it were to ever be released, especially since a law enforcement insider explained in detail what happened, saying:

“The video captures the entire arrest. It actually begins prior to Lamar being pulled over. Lamar’s car was driving very slowly, and that is what caused suspicion in the first place. Lamar was upset he was pulled over, but wasn’t combative. The video is being held in a very secure location in the prosecutor’s office because Lamar is a high-profile celebrity. If the case goes to trial, it would certainly be played for the jury.”

Keeping the tape locked away only makes sense because sadly some people would probably love to make this clip public before his day in court.

There is also video from the Van Nuys Jail when the NBA free agent told the police he wouldn’t take a chemical test. As a result, Lamar also has to have a DMV hearing about whether or not his license will be suspended.

And if he would just go to rehab, we’re sure a lot of these problems would go away!

[Image via Inter/BauerGriffinOnline.]

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Oct 01, 2013 14:28pm PDT