Laura Ingraham Takes Sudden Vacation After Losing 17 Sponsors For Attacking School Shooting Survivor!

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Last week, Laura Ingraham attacked Parkland shooting survivor and #NeverAgain movement leader David Hogg not for getting his facts or his argument wrong — but for getting rejected by some colleges.

After the despicable move, the high school senior fought back by telling his 600K Twitter followers to show they weren’t OK with this kind of tactic — by telling her advertisers.

After just hours, the Fox News host started to lose sponsors. Within a day she apologized for her comments.

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But Laura Ingraham isn’t Matt Damon. She doesn’t mean well and accidentally say the wrong thing. No, this is the woman who told NBA stars with opinions about social programs to “shut up and dribble.” Ad hominem attacks are just standard operating procedure for Ingraham.

So no one is cutting her any slack for saying “sorry” now. At least not these 17 businesses.

Is cancellation coming next??

On Friday night, Ingraham announced she would be taking a weeklong Easter vacation — something she hadn’t mentioned before. Fox News had her back, saying it was a pre-planned absence. Guest hosts were booked and everything.

So, for the moment it seems the network is hoping this whole thing will blow over.

And why not? It worked for Sean Hannity after he propagated a conspiracy theory about a young murder victim and threw his support behind accused predator Roy Moore.

Do YOU think Fox News will drop The Ingraham Angle??

Oh, and if she does get canceled, maybe she can get a job on Putin‘s state TV. Russian bots have apparently been tweeting their support for Ingraham like crazy. Funny.

And at the same time conservatives are calling David Hogg un-American for using capitalism to hit her back. Man, they have really lost it…

[Image via Fox News.]

Apr 2, 2018 5:29pm PST

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