Whoa — Lawyers For LeSean McCoy’s Ex-Girlfriend Accuse NFL Star Of Ordering Violent Attack

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As we reported on Tuesday, LeSean McCoy‘s ex-girlfriend was allegedly violently attacked at his home — but now, new accusations are coming to light that have turned the whole thing on its head — and against McCoy (pictured above, right).

Delicia Cordon (not pictured), McCoy’s ex, suffered a bruised wrist and multiple facial injuries after allegedly being struck with a firearm by an alleged unknown assailant asking for jewelry and cash.

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But to hear Cordon’s attorneys tell it today, according to The Blast, the alleged assailant wasn’t unknown at all — in fact, they claim it was a person put up to the task by McCoy himself!

Whoa — WTF???

An attorney for Cordon notes that the alleged attacker apparently entered the McCoy home with no sign of forced entry, for one, and that he “demanded specific items of jewelry” that had been gifts from McCoy, as opposed to just demanding Cordon hand over any/all valuables in her presence.

The attorney further states that those specific pieces of jewelry demanded in the home invasion were the same pieces McCoy had previously indicated he wanted back after splitting from Cordon.

The lawyer even goes a step further and says that at some point in the recent past, McCoy had suggested Cordon “could be robbed” because her jewelry was expensive, seeming to insinuate that the wheels were in motion for this long ago.

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No word yet from McCoy in reacting to these new allegations that he may have put somebody up to attack his ex; for what it’s worth, the NFL star had previously denied being involved at all.

Crazy — and scary!

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Jul 11, 2018 1:09pm PST

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