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Little Rascals Star Bug Hall Kicked Off Twitter After Saying He's Teaching Young Daughters Marital Rape Is OK

Little Rascals Bug Hall Permanently Suspended Twitter Homophobia Marital Rape

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Remember the adorable little freckled kid who played Alfalfa in the 1994 classic The Little Rascals? Well, it turns out he’s a real creep these days! In fact, he’s so upsetting he got kicked off Twitter! We didn’t think that could happen these days unless you personally insulted Elon Musk!

It’s unclear exactly which tweet did it, but Bug Hall, now 37 years old, apparently got reported by a great many people for multiple things he said in the past few days, mostly spouting disgusting beliefs tied to his disturbing conservative take on Catholicism…

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For instance, there was this homophobic gem:

“There is no such thing as gay sex. Sodomites simulate sex, as their sodomitical acts are non-uninitive.”

Gross. However, most of it was about parenting his two young daughters. He made as clear as possible that he hits his children and has since they were infants, saying:

“We punish severely in my home for unacceptable behavior. Punishment begins at around 10 months. Before the age of reason it’s an immediate corporal/retributive justice…”

Corporal meaning striking. At 10 months. Cool. An especially horrifying thing?

He said “as a father of daughters” he was “already training them to expect” their suitors to meet his criteria before “courtship” could begin. One of the tenets he’d be making sure was that they understood “the marriage debt.” That’s a term for the belief that wives owe their husbands sex whenever they want it — in other words, marital rape is good and proper because vaginas are basically property to people like this. He says he’s telling his daughters this. His eldest child is FIVE.


Of course these are all from screenshots as the account is permanently suspended, something the child star confirmed himself on Monday through his Instagram, writing:

“The truth will always be unpopular. The truthful will always be persecuted. But eternity will always be sweet.”

Something just occurred to us. Bug Hall got arrested for huffing air duster just two years ago. If his daughter is 5 years old, he’s been doing drugs while abusing his children?? Oof.

Naturally Twitter was full of folks saddened by someone they liked so much from their childhoods or teen years (he also starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in Get A Clue) turning into such a hateful adult. Take a look at some of the disappointment (below):

Yeah, turns out there’s a limit to free speech after all, huh?

What do YOU think of Bug Hall’s permanent Twitter ban??

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[Image via Bug Hall/Instagram/Universal Pictures/YouTube.]

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