Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson Feud Over Naughty Boy On Twitter! The Days Of Zouis Are Officially OVER!

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Do we detect a little bit of animosity between the two or no?

Guess Zayn Malik is tired of all the shiz going on between Louis Tomlinson and Naughty Boy. So much so that he’s defending the producer against his former bandmate!

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What the WHAT?!

We all know there’s been a ton of negative vibes between the One Direction singer and the man who seems to be Zayn’s new bestie.

It’s hard to follow where the argument all started today, but it must’ve had something to do with this photo NB posted of himself and the 22-year-old on Twitter:

What are you trying to start, dude?!

And of course Louis — who isn’t known to hold his tongue — had to respond, which prompted Zayn to fire back and say:

Sigh. Remember the days when the boys were all good friends and loved and supported each other?!

Looks like those days are way, way, WAY behind us.

Shortly after, Louis put the London producer in his place:

Maybe that middle finger Louis gave the paps yesterday was actually for Naughty boy, eh??

May 6, 2015 12:59pm PST

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