Lupita Nyong’o Is Her Mother’s TWIN! Could These Two Look Any More Alike?!

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We’re totally seeing double!

On February 9, Lupita Nyong’o posted an adorable and unbelievable side by side of herself and her mother.

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Woah!! The resemblance is just…CRAZY!

The actress captioned the stunning snap:

“Like mother (1983), like daughter (2015) #behindthescenes @luckymagazine @lancomeusa #OhToBeHalfTheWomanMyMumIs! #bts,” she captioned the pic.”

So adorable!

While it’s clear Lupita is wearing make-up while her momma is NOT, the 12 Years A Slave star says she always admired her mother’s confidence to step out barefaced.

The gorge celeb reminisced:

“My mother has never ever worn a drop of makeup in her life, not even at a wedding,” she shared. “Honestly, my mother’s outlook was hard for me to take when I was a teenager and wanted to experiment. But in the end I appreciated it, because today I can look in a mirror with no makeup on and love myself.”

Aww, how touching. Lupita’s mom sounds like an AMAZING influence!

The 31-year-old added:

“My mother taught me that there are more valuable ways to achieve beauty than just through your external features. She was focused on compassion and respect, and those are the things that ended up translating to me as beauty. Beautiful people have many advantages but so do friendly people…i think beauty is an expression of love.”

Gosh, what an inspirational woman!

Keep encouraging ladies to embrace their natural beauty, girl! We can see why Jared Leto is so smitten!

[Image via Instagram.]

Feb 11, 2015 8:00am PST

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