Is Madge Planning To Adopt Again?!


It’s a possibility!

Sources close to Madonna are reporting that the Material Girl is planning a trip over to Malawi before the holidays, and that although she’s not sure she’s ready to expand her family quite yet, she has been in touch with an orphanage – because little Mercy wants a younger sibling!

The insider says:

“Madonna likes nothing more than rolling up her sleeves and shoving her paws down a blocked well. She likes to do her bit. When she adopted David she promised his dad she’d stay in touch and visit often. While Mercy Grace is pleading for another little brother or sister, Madge is not sure she’s quite ready but she’s kept the door open and been in touch with the orphanage. She has big plans to raise money, including a possible charity concert next year.”


We’re always so impressed with her commitment to helping the people of Malawi!

And adopting another child is certainly something not to be taken lightly, so we’re glad that she’s put some serious thought into it!

What do you think?? Should Madge expand her brood?

[Image via WENN.]

Oct 25, 2010 8:50pm PDT

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