Dillon Says Not Guilty to Speeding Charges



Even though Matt Dillon was reported as saying, “I screwed up, I know, I know,” when a state trooper stopped him for speeding in Vermont back in December, today, Wednesday, his lawyer entered a ‘not guilty’ plea for the actor at a hearing.

The There’s Something About Mary star was allegedly going 106 mph in a 65 zone.

Also, Dillon didn’t bother to show up to the hearing himself.

The lawyer repping him explained, “He lives in New York. As you can see from today’s proceedings it’s a 2-minute deal, so it’s really not worth the trip for him to come up here when I can take care of it.”

Must be nice to have the means to hire a fancy pants lawyer when you eff up, Matt!

Let’s see if the star is able to use his star power to get out of this one.

Jan 21, 2009 3:45pm PDT

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