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Man Films Himself Having Sex With A McDonald's McChicken Sandwich And The Internet Loses Its McMind!

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Sometimes, the Internet is a very scary place.
This morning, you might have noticed “McChicken” trending on Twitter — but hopefully, for your own sake, you didn’t investigate further.
That’s because the McDonald’s fare was only trending due to a viral video that was posted showing a man having SEX with one of the sandwiches.
Can’t even make this stuff up…
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The video is WILD.
A man, who never reveals his face, is shown quite literally copulating with the mayonnaise-covered, bread-and-fried-chicken goodness that is one of McD’s sandwich offerings.
Here’s a censored (but still totally NSFW) screen grab of the, uh, incident:
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Quite the dollar menu find?! HA!!!
And now, if you’re really brave, and you want to see EXACTLY what we’re talking about — which is totally NSFW, of course — McCLICK HERE!
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As you might expect, Twitter went crazy with news of this man chokin’ the McChicken, with some priceless reactions (and regret) for those having watched the video (below):

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Sometimes, the Internet is just the worst, isn’t it?!
Trying to erase this one from our memories forever…
[Image via McDonald’s.]

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Aug 29, 2016 14:28pm PDT