Now Michele Bachmann Is Bragging About Being Homophobic

Why doesn’t she just walk around with a sandwich board draped on her body, equipped neon lights flashing the words, “Homos Be Gone”? That would be more subtle.

The ever present Michele Bachmann is running a new campaign, urging her “faithful” republican constituents not to settle for just any candidate to run against Barack Obama in 2012. No, she wants you to vote for the candidate that is pro-life and wants to uphold traditional values in the home and in marriage.

In other words, she wants to stop all this nonsense about making it legal for gays to marry in this country because that’s not the “traditional” way for doing things. She wants to be your president, America, so we can have what this nation apparently “needs” – someone “who is steadfast on the values of life and marriage and faith.”

Because we don’t need someone with a strong track record in foreign diplomacy, a clear vision on bringing the war on terror to an end and a viable solution to ending the economic crisis in this country. No, those things aren’t important! Stoping the pesky gays from having a June wedding! That will be the downfall of our nation! Heaven forbid!

We’re tired of her. Can she just lose to Mitt Romney already and go back to obscurity?

Oct 7, 2011 3:39pm PST