Miley Cyrus Rebounds From Liam Hemsworth With Kat Von D! See Miley’s New Tattoo HERE!

miley cyrus heart tattoo wenn instagram

You know how some people wear their hearts on their sleeve? MileyBird wears hears on her forearm!

On second thought, she might be wearing someone else’s!

Superstar tat-master Kat Von D brought her new bestie Miley Cyrus into the infamous ink shop High Voltage earlier this weekend and let the world’s most renowned tattoo artist permanently scarred her flesh in the COOLEST way possible!

KVD carved a heart into her arm! Two of them, to be exact!

She divuldged the dirty deets on Twitter:

Whoa! Miley really is a renaissance woman!

See her radical new artwork for yourself (below)!

miley new tattoo

Miley and her quasi-fiance Liam Hemsworth appear to be having the worst week ever, so we imagine this intriguing new ink has deep meaning on multiple levels!

[Images via Instagram.]

Mar 18, 2013 9:01am PDT