Mischa Barton’s Restraining Orders Against Two Former Flames Get Extended — Details HERE

mischa barton restraining orders extended

Good news for Mischa Barton!

On Tuesday, it was revealed that The O.C. alum’s restraining order against two former lovers has been extended. As you may recall, Miz Barton believes either Jon Zacharias and/or Adam Spaw (who was previously known as Adam Shaw) are responsible for the sex tape being shopped around town.

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According to legal documents obtained by DailyMail.com, the two men are currently blaming the other for peddling the X-rated material. We have a feeling this denial of responsibility has something to do with Mischa’s claim that the tape was made WITHOUT her consent.

The extension for the restraining order was filed on Monday by Barton’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom at the Los Angeles Superior Court. Not to mention, this filing comes only a handful of days after the 31-year-old got candid with Dr. Phil about the “emotional abuse” she’s suffered from this scandal.

Still, it’s unclear who is responsible for the controversy as both men are actively avoiding taking ownership for trying to sell the sex tape. However, Adam has since admitted to making a copy of the tape — but vehemently claims Jon is the one who intended to sell the footage. It’s believed Jon is the one who is featured in the unreleased sex tape and filmed the material without informing his former flame.

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In a deposition with Mischa’s lawyer, Adam revealed that two two other people have access to the footage. The legal paperwork also noted:

“At his deposition, Mr. Spaw testified that Mr. Zacharias had taken videos of Ms. Barton without her knowledge or permission. Mr. Spaw admitted to making multiple copies of these tapes and compressing a copy to make it easier to email to an unnamed third party.”

Geez. Spaw also provided a series of damning texts from Jon, which he says Mr. Zacharias sent as an attempt to “flip the script.”

The texts stated:

“Midchas (sic) lawyers and I now know u stole my computer. Do u understand this is a criminal offense? Just promise me u won’t release anything…Just promise me nothing will be fucking released man.”

Spaw also revealed that he told Barton about the tapes from the beginning and claims to have an audio recording of Zacharias’ confession. So either Adam is (a) totally guilty and is trying to change the narrative or (b) is innocent and is being framed by Jon.

But Adam, if you’re so innocent, why did Mischa feel the need to get a restraining order?? Someone is responsible for trying to sell revenge porn, we just have to wait to find out who!

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Apr 4, 2017 12:18pm PDT