NYC Laws Overturned So Billionaire Mayor Can Run For Office 3rd Time


Is he really that confident that he’ll win a third time????

Power hungry New York City mayor and former Wall Street trader, Michael Bloomberg, was granted his wish.

It looks like the billionaire was able to convince the New York City Council to overturn a rule that limited one person serving as mayor to 2 terms, 8 years.

The new ‘rule’ now says someone can hold the mayoral spot for 12 years.

Interesting, we’ve previously mentioned that two-thirds of the council are also in their second terms of office.

We smell self preservation votes!

Mayor Bloomberg released this statement immediately after the decision was rendered:

“Today, the majority of the City Council decided to give the people of New York a fuller choice in the November, 2009 election. I believe that was the right choice, and I want to thank Speaker Quinn for her leadership. Those of us who work on both sides of City Hall must now move forward with the important decisions that face us, particularly finding ways to soften the fallout from the economic downturn and balancing our budget as revenues decline. We have a lot of work to do together to get New York through these tough times.”

We think power makes people extra hungry!

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Oct 23, 2008 6:30pm PDT

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