EXCLUSIVE! Paris Hilton Sets The Record Straight On Slanderous & Homophobic Audio: “Taken Out Of Context”

paris hilton homophobic rant

And we believe her, if for no other reason than to hope that there aren’t people out in the world who could genuinely think such horrible things.

This morning, an audio recording began to circulate the web of Paris Hilton supposedly putting the gay community on blast. In the shocking conversation P is having with friends, she├óΓé¼Γäós heard getting very heated while talking about gay men who have sex with random strangers. She then proceeds to make an incredibly derogatory generalization that “most of them probably have AIDS.”

As you can imagine, we were mortified to hear such a disgusting tale and the audio just made us sick to our stomach.

But then, a source close to Paris reached out to us to EXCLUSIVELY share her side of the story. Our source insists that this sound bite was totally taken out of context and that it’s only a piece of a conversation that started out very differently than it ended.

Our insider explained to us that this convo was recorded while Paris and her GAY friends were taking a cab during Fashion’s Night Out. While the source concedes that she and her pals were “obviously wasted,” the source explains that Paris’ friends were actually just concerned about a friend of theirs in Spain who knowingly has AIDS, but still has unprotected sex with people and doesn’t tell them! When Paris’ pals went on to share that this Spanish friend was also actively seeking sexual partners online for unprotected sex, that’s when the comments of these types of actions being “gross” and “disgusting” came into play. According to our insider, Paris’ comments were directed towards one reckless individual, not the community at large.

In regards to the recording, we’re told the cab driver “tampered with the tape, cut up conversation and only used small part of the conversation.” Obviously, leaving out the initial part about the irresponsible friend of her friend makes Paris seem equally as ignorant, but such is just not the case. We’ve been assured that not only is Paris beside herself over this whole ordeal, but considering that 80% of her friends are gay, she feels this is “beyond lame.”

Yeah, it really kind of is. Disregarding the complete invasion of privacy and the blatant exploitation of a celeb to make $$$, this is the wrong kind of catalyst to get people talking about the gay community. We can only imagine how many people are going to run with this story and make a big production about gays spreading AIDS, rather than get conversations going on what we can do, as a human community, to find a cure or better educate those who are infected.

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Sep 20, 2012 12:18pm PDT