Paris Jackson Thinks The Ghost Of Michael Jackson Caused Wendy Williams To Faint Over ‘Obsession’ With Their Family

Paris Jackson is pissed!

Paris Jackson is tired of Wendy Williams talking about her and her family on The Wendy Williams Show!

After the daytime TV host tweeted about the “latest Jackson family drama” on Tuesday, even bringing it up during that day’s “Hot Topics” segment, the aspiring actress finally responded on Thursday by calling her out!

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On Twitter, the 19-year-old wrote:

Wendy has previously commented on the Jackson family after she slammed the young starlet for calling herself black in a Rolling Stone interview.

Paris clapped back then, and has no problem taking shots at Wendy again. She further referenced her late dad Michael Jackson while bringing up how the former radio personality fainted on-air, tweeting:

It seems doubtful the 53-year-old would respond, but you never know…

[Image via Derrick Salters/Patricia Schlein/WENN.]

Nov 3, 2017 3:33pm PST

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