Paris Responds!


With recent reports that Paris Hilton did not honor her contractual obligations for appearances on her recent trips to Germany and Italy, the heiress and her people are clearing the air.

They’ve just released the following, detailed, statement:

“There are a number of inaccurate reports and stories circulating about Paris Hilton’s recent trip to Germany and Italy that we would like to correct.

Miss Hilton was visiting Europe as part of a business agreement with talent promoters Pietro Tavallini and Simone Oliboni’s Euro Fashion Management SRL for which Miss Hilton had agreed to make two nightclub appearances in Italy, appear on the Italian beauty pageant “Miss Italia” and make a personal appearance at one nightclub in Germany. The agreement clearly stated that the venues would be nightclubs with a straightforward personal appearance.

On arriving in Germany Miss Hilton’s security visited the ‘night club’ booked for the appearance and discovered it was a strip club, the venue had been misrepresented to Miss Hilton by the talent promoters. Miss Hilton does not support or endorse strip clubs and this type of establishment. Given this blatant and exploitive misrepresentation, the promoters were in material breach of their contract and Miss Hilton was, consequently, excused from further obligation to appear and instead remained in the privacy of her hotel. Any other reports of events from this night are fabricated and false.

Miss Hilton did honor the remainder of her agreement with the promoters and attended the additional three events in Italy. One of the night club appearances was part of a gay rights rally, a topic Miss Hilton has always openly supported and has regularly voiced her support and love for her gay fans around the world. Miss Hilton was fully supportive of the event and any other reports are exaggerated.”

And there you have it!

[Image via WENN.]

Sep 16, 2009 11:15am PDT

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