How To Get Your Pooch To Luv Bathtime!

Does your dog DREAD taking a bath with every bone in his dog body (like this one)?

Well, luckily for you, there are ways to keep your dog from stinking and they’ll love to take baths in no time!

For starters, associate bathing with something your dog enjoys.

Dogs don’t like to handled in mysterious pools of soap and liquid while you rub them in a bunch weird ways just as humans don’t like those things. Giving Fido a tasty treat during bath time or rewarding them afterwards will help them associate bath time with fun time.

So when his bath is followed by a walk, a new chew toy or a special treat, your pooch will behave MUCH better as he learns.

You also have to take bathing slow and easy. Don’t rush your pup into the tub. Introduce the bathroom, give him treats for standing in an empty tub and then introduce water later.

Paying attention to your body language and voice is key as well. If you’re angry or frustrated, your dog can key off that.

Soon, your doggie will want to take a bath like this guy!

To follow more pet bathing tips, visit the ASPCA website HERE!

Feb 8, 2013 7:57am PST

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