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Raquel Leviss STILL In Mental Health Facility -- Despite Speculation!

Raquel Leviss STILL In Mental Health Facility

Raquel Leviss is STILL in a mental health facility, despite speculation to the contrary!

On Thursday, a source close to the star told that she’s still in the mental health facility she checked herself into way back in April, after her affair with Tom Sandoval made headlines. They detailed:

“Upon the completion of filming the reunion, Raquel entered a voluntary inpatient behavioral health and trauma facility and remains there to date — 68 days and counting.”

Whoa. 68 days is a long time! Through her stay, she is “aiming to become a better person,” says the confidant. We guess that can take a while…

This update comes as fans have been trying to figure out if the SUR waitress is still in a facility after the Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman was spotted seemingly on the phone with her. The sighting made many wonder if Raquel had secretly gotten out and was laying low somewhere, but we guess not!

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As for how she feels about her mistakes, the source went on:

“She is a young woman that is and has been remorseful for her actions and has APOLOGIZED REPEATEDLY.”

Jeez. Why’d the source emphasize that last bit so much? 

From the sounds of it, her time in the facility has been helping a lot, the insider continued:

“Her treatment is helping her learn the basis of her decisions and to grow from her mistakes with the hope of making better choices and becoming a better person. Raquel looks forward to sharing her story with the unfiltered truth when she comes out.”

OH! Well, that is inneresting! Everyone’s been trying to figure out if the reality star would sign on for another season of Pump Rules or try to hide away from the spotlight after this mess… Sounds like she’s not ready to quit! Mz. Ariana Madix isn’t gonna like that!

Fans, on the other hand, will probably be happy to hear a lot more than what Raquel said in her 5-minute confessional. Right?

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While few details are known about the 28-year-old’s stay in the facility, her rep did clarify in April that she was scheduled to seek help before the reunion but decided to change her plans so she could fulfill her commitments to Bravo. The rep also confirmed it was not a facility for substance abuse issues.

When apologizing for Scandoval back in March, Raquel hinted at wanting to do some self-improvement, writing on Instagram:

“I am reflecting on my choices, speaking to a counselor and I am learning things about myself such as my patterns of codependency and addiction to being and feeling loved. I have sought emotional validation through intimate connections that are not healthy without regard for my own well-being, sometimes negatively affecting others and often prioritizing the intimate connection over my friendships. I am taking steps to understand my behavior and make healthier choices.”

No matter whose side you’re on *cough*Ariana’s*cough*, we can all agree that we hope Raquel is getting the help she needs to emerge from this ordeal with a better understanding of her wrongdoings, a clear head, and some kind of path forward. Her breakdown during the Vanderpump Rules reunion finale certainly showed how much this affair has taken a toll on her. Thoughts? Let us know (below).

[Image via Bravo/YouTube]

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