Robin Thicke Gets Shut Down In Court!

Robin Thicke loses this time.

Sucks to be Robin Thicke right now.

Amid his custody battle with ex-wife Paula Patton for their son Julian, a judge decided on Wednesday to deny the performer more visitation, unsupervised visits, and a more “impartial monitor” for his visits with the six-year-old.

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The Blurred Lines singer went to court with claims he was cheated of time with his kiddo because of a partial monitor. According to the Daily News, Thicke confessed in a sworn statement:

“There is no need for a monitor. I have never done anything to harm Julian, and I never would. [Julian’s] health, safety and well-being are more important than my own. I love him very much, and I am a good father to him.”

The 39-year-old also added his last visit with Julian on January 27 went well, saying:

“At no point did Julian indicate to me or the monitor that he was scared, uncomfortable or that he wanted to leave.”

Since, Robin spent time with his son on February 2 to pick fruit and then again on February 4 on an outing to Kids World, which ended abruptly when Julian asked to end the visit and the monitor agreed.

As we previously reported, Paula was granted temporary custody of their adorable child after receiving a restraining order against her ex.

So while the judge has shut down Thicke this time, there is a hearing pending later this month.

Until then, the Canadian can see Julian three times a week on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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Feb 9, 2017 9:53am PDT