Miami Cannibalism Victim, Ronald Poppo, Recovering And Doing Well!


We’re SO happy to report that Ronald Poppo, the homeless man who was viciously attacked by a naked man believed to have been on “bath salts,” is recovering well in Jackson Memorial Hospital.

During the bizarre attack, Rudy Eugene chewed off most of Ronald’s face, eyes and nose. It’s even believed that Ronald may have accidentally been shot by an officer targeting Rudy.

Miraculously enough, the 65-year-old homeless man is doing well now. He’s talking. He’s walking. And he’s eating.

Doctors working on his recovery state:

“He’s pleased to report to all of you that he’s feeling well, he’s eating, he’s walking around with physical therapy, he’s talking with us. He’s had quite a bit of surgery already. We have mental health professionals to help him with the coping, and he’s coping remarkably well.”

Wow. How inspiring!

Doctors even say he’s charming and upbeat. And if he can possess that kind of attitude after everything he’s been through (he’s been homeless since the 70s), then we can ALL manage to make it through our hectic lives!

Watch the news video (above) for more information. And check out the recovery photo below!

ronald poppo miami cannibalism bath salts recovery doing well face

[Image courtesy of Jackson Memorial Hospital.]

Jun 14, 2012 12:01am PST

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