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Elizabeth Warren Makes A Surprise Appearance On Saturday Night Live -- Highlights HERE!

Surprise, surprise — Elizabeth Warren is in the house!

The one-time presidential candidate, who just officially dropped out of the race this past week, made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live late last night, showing up during the cold open sketch about the coronavirus. And as you can see (above), the Senator took the whole thing in stride — and was very funny!

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She hadn’t been expected to be on the show or anything — as you’ll see further (below), Daniel Craig was the announced host with The Weeknd as the musical guest — but the politician popped up, anyways.

Kate McKinnon had a little fun shooting a social media video with Warren during the evening’s festivities, too, playing up how similar the pair really is when the SNL funny woman opts to go into character as the Massachusetts senator:

Ha! Love it!

Warren’s surprise appearance was definitely one of the highlights of last night’s show, too… everybody is talking about it now on social media, especially considering how unexpected it was. Surprise!

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As we noted, though, it wasn’t just Warren on last night’s show. Craig has long been ready to host things on SNL, and he was there to promote the new James Bond film that’s forthcoming.

By the way… speaking of the coronavirus, Craig’s new Bond opening has now been pushed back to November 25 due to the disease. Seriously!! So, SNL evidently thought they needed something a little more “now” to go along with their planned show involving the hunky actor.

Still, Craig was funny as can be, as you can see with his opening monologue and a few chosen sketches (below):

Not bad!

Not bad, at all… for a Bond, that is! LOLz!

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And as we noted up top, too, The Weeknd rolled through to perform twice, as well.

He carried last night’s show through with two live numbers that drew plenty of admiration from the crowd, as you can see (below):

Loves it!

So much going on last night, and so much unexpected fun — you know, just another week with the cast of Saturday Night Live!

What did you all think of last night’s show, Perezcious readers?! As funny as ever, with that nice little Elizabeth Warren surprise as the cherry on top, or what?? Sound OFF with your take about the whole thing down in the comments (below)!!!

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