Serena Williams GOES OFF On U.S. Open Official Who Accused Her Of Cheating: ‘You Owe Me An Apology’

Um… WOW!

Serena Williams does not mess around… and whoever this official in the chair is, well, he should re-evaluate whatever the hell he’s been doing for his entire career.

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At the U.S. Open final today, Serena was given a coaching violation early in the second set after an official said she received some type of coaching in the middle of the match when she was allegedly looking towards her family in the stands.

But beyond the violation itself, which was contested, Williams WENT OFF at the insinuation from it that she would cheat during the match — and she absolutely gave it to the ref mercilessly, even going so far as to invoke her daughter in the argument as she tried to defend her character.

It’s incredible to watch her take down the official and even go so far as to bring in the head referee and demand an apology and a fair call, actually — watch the full interchange caught by ESPN cameras with full audio (below):


Serena was FIRED UP! So much so that… maybe she has something here?!

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[Image via ESPN/Twitter.]

Sep 8, 2018 3:59pm PST