Shanna Moakler Responds To Travis Barker’s Stoopid Tweeting Ways!


She’s taking the high road. Smart!

In response to THIS and then THIS TOO, Shanna Moakler is speaking out.

Travis Barker‘s ex-wife is denying allegations made against her by the drummer – on Twitter! – that she endangers the welfare of their children by letting their kids near her uncle, whom he claims is a convicted child molestor.

Oh, yeah, he also publicly calls her a “shitty mother”. Real classy!

In exclusive statement to Shanna tells us:

“First and foremost, I don’t have a uncle, second, I would NEVER endanger the lives of my children. I find making public spectacles humiliating not just for our children but for our entire families. It should be known I have physical custody of my children and allowed for them to go on tour with their father as I felt it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for them. It seems for doing this I am being punished. I am not sure what started this outburst but I would like it to end for all parties. As much as I enjoy social networks I do not find them a stage for personal matters nor do I find threats of any kind acceptable.”

Next time Travis Barker needs to work out his aggression against Shanna Moakler, he should stay away from Twitter.

Take it out on your drums!

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Aug 4, 2009 1:31pm PDT