Starbucks Once Again Accused Of Racism For Denying Black Man Access To Store Restroom!

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Days after Starbucks apologized for the unnecessary arrest of two black men, another location has come under fire for its treatment of a black customer.

A video recorded inside a Southern California location of the coffee titan resurfaced on Monday, showing cashiers denying Brandon Ward, a 26-year-old black man, access to the restroom.

It’s unclear from the footage, taken in late January, what went down in the moments leading up to the confrontation, but Ward claims he was not given the bathroom code because he had not yet made a purchase.

That’s when Ward turned his attention to a white man who had just come out of the Torrance store’s bathroom and admitted he had not yet bought anything either.

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From there, things got ugly. Ward started recording the store manager while pressing her if his “skin color” had anything to due with the incident. She told him to stop recording and called security.

Meanwhile, the white dude, Weston, can be seen in the background wondering if it’s still okay to order his frappuccino after witnessing the alleged racism. We hope he took his business to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Watch the recording for yourself, shared on Twitter by activist Shaun King, (below).

The company has yet to issue a statement on this incident — but this video already makes us want to #BoycottStarbucks all over again!

[Image via KTLA/Twitter.]

Apr 17, 2018 2:21pm PDT