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Stassi Schroeder Upset About 'Awkward' First Interview After Vanderpump Rules Firing

Stassi Schroeder Tamron Hall Awkward Interview

Stassi Schroeder isn’t feeling her best right now!

After she and Kristen Doute got canned by Vanderpump Rules a few months back, they each took some time to lie low — but have both begun to dip their toes back into the public pool as of late! Stassi had her first interview since the scandal this week, chatting on the Tamron Hall Show, but things didn’t go exactly as planned…

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For those who didn’t see it, the expectant momma wasn’t as apologetic as one would have expected — and spent quite a bit of time defending her old actions instead of throwing herself on the mercy of the court of public opinion. And she’s not happy with the result!

A source shared with Us Weekly:

“Stassi felt totally unprepared for the interview. She wasn’t in a good mood afterward and felt like she was put on the spot. She has built her brand on being candid and funny, and she feels afraid to make any wrong comments or jokes and having them come across negatively, which, in turn, made the interview awkward.”

So what exactly was she feeling unprepared for? Apparently, she didn’t think that the topic of why she got fired from the Bravo series would be a discussion point!

Sorry, whut??

What did she think Tamron was going to ask her about, the weather?? The insider explains Stassi was too worried about saying the wrong thing to be able to think on her feet:

“She doesn’t want to make a wrong move or say anything that can be taken out of context because she really has been taking time to work on herself. She felt somewhat caught off guard in how the interview went down because she really has been doing her best to learn, educate herself and be the best version of herself that she can be.”

While she spoke in the interview about getting an education from a private tutor on the history of racial inequality — and did admit to Hall during the interview that she “wasn’t anti-racist” in the past, even calling herself a “Karen” — she ultimately defended the most egregious of her racial missteps, her decision to call the police on VPR co-star Faith Stowers. Here was her response, only with all the parts that are almost an apology (she doesn’t actually say she is sorry) bolded — the rest is explaining why the decision wasn’t that wrong:

“It wasn’t just a photo [of the suspect, who generically resembled Faith]. Kristen [Doute] and I had received texts from multiple people about this [robbery suspect]. The bottom line is, people that Kristen knew, who were texting her and said there’s this girl who has stolen from us and we think it’s this person in the article and she’s saying she’s on your television show [VPR] and her name is Faith. And when you’re on a show like Vanderpump Rules, your existence on that show is kind of dependent on sticking your nose in other people’s conflict, or creating conflict that might be woven into a storyline. This is completely my fault because I was absolutely wrong, but it wasn’t just a photo that we saw. There were other reasons why we thought that. I legitimately thought we were solving crime and I was completely completely wrong.”

Uhhh… what?!

So how did the interview go so wrong for Stassi?? A second source chimed in (below) to add that it was Tamron who pushed the topics the former reality star didn’t want to discuss:

“Producers laid the segments out for Stassi and her team, and everything was all set. And then, to everyone’s surprise, Tamron went rogue and took the interview in a completely different direction.”

Hmm… We get why she wouldn’t want to talk about it, but shouldn’t it be an obvious point of conversation considering it was her first interview??

Do y’all think Tamron Hall really pulled a fast one here??

[Image via Tamron Hall Show/YouTube.]

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