Stevie Wonder Recalls Visiting Aretha Franklin Two Days Before Her Death — Watch

Stevie Wonder remembers his friend Aretha Franklin

As we reported, on Thursday, the legendary songstress passed away at her home in Detroit “due to advanced pancreatic cancer of the neuroendocrine type.” She was 76.

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In an interview with CBS Morning published on Friday, Wonder reveals he visited “The Queen of Soul” two days before her passing. He recalled:

“She wasn’t able to speak back, but her family felt that she could hear me, and so I just said all the things that I’ve always said and told her to say hello to my sister.”

His sibling passed away in May.

Wonder and Franklin were actually supposed to collaborate on a duet as recently as two months ago.

“We’d been talking about it… There was a song that I had written called The Future, and we were going to sing it together.”

As he discussed the song, the 68-year-old became emotional, admitting:

“I thought I cried my last tear.”

Overall, Wonder remembers Franklin as an “incredible singer” who inspired countless musicians.

“She did incredible music, incredible singer… She touched every genre. Every singer was influenced in some way by the way she sang, and they will forever be influenced by her because of her voice, her emotion; her sincerity is unforgettable.”

WATCH the touching clip (above).

Aug 17, 2018 3:57pm PDT