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Best. Present. Ever! Stolen Mustang Returned To Owner 28 Years Later!

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Lynda Alsip
just received the best early Christmas gift.
On Monday, the Salinas, CA resident had her stolen car returned — 28 years after it was taken!
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The pea green 1967 Ford Mustang was taken from Lynda’s apartment way back in 1986 while she was out of town. She never thought she would see it again:

“I never thought this would come back into my life. It’s like winning the lottery It happens to some people, but very few and far between. And for it to happen to me, it’s just an amazing feeling.”

Reuniting the car with it’s rightful owner was quite the task!
In September, the Mustang was registered at the local DMV by a man who said he bought it from storage back in 1991 (police are still corroborating his claims).
Since the vehicle had been out of the system for so long, all the records had been purged.
Thankfullly, Officer Christopher Menchen was able to trace the car back to Alsip’s 1986 stolen car report. The CHP then called Alsip, who at first was worried one of her two kids was involved in an accident.
She was overjoyed to hear the actual news and even got emotional when picking up her stolen car.

To me, it’s just priceless, really!

Another bonus? Alsip can finally use the “LYNDA67” vanity license plates she bought before the car was stolen, all those years ago. LOLz!
Sometimes miracles do come true!
[Image via California Highway Patrol/Facebook.]

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Dec 24, 2014 16:31pm PDT

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