Target Gets Called Out For Selling A Christmas Sweater That Many Think Mocks Mental Illness

People don't like this Target Christmas sweater.

BACKLASH! And then… backlash to the backlash!!!

Here’s a Target sweater that has a not-so-sensitive joke on it about obsessive compulsive disorder, except it says “Obsessive Christmas Disorder” in green and white script.

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Some people got annoyed at the retailer for making light of a serious mental illness, and then other people got mad at those people for getting annoyed in the first place.

Tale as old as time.

Here are some tweets about it!

Josh Thomas, a spokesman for the company, said in a statement:

“We never want to disappoint any of our guests and apologize for any discomfort.”

But there are also no plans to remove the sweater from stores.

What side are YOU on? Do you care? Do you wish retailers waited until after Thanksgiving to bring out their Christmas-related products?

Justice for Thanksgiving!!!

[Image via Target]

Nov 11, 2015 2:13pm PST

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