The Real Housewives Of NYC: CURSED!


Even the “celebs” of The Real Housewives of New York City are feeling the effects of the recession. Alex McCord, one of the wealthy housewives has just confirmed that she lost her “real” job last month.

McCord apparently worked in visual merchandising for Victoria’s Secret, aside from doing the show. She was let go, she claims, when the company had to cut 10% of its home-office workforce.

Guess she was part of that expendable percent!

McCord tells Life & Style, “It was definitely a very big surprise. My own immediate supervisor didn’t even know it was happening.”

But that won’t stop her from trying to find another job. She adds, “It’s really interesting to see where to go from here. I’ve been making calls, updating my r├â┬⌐sum├â┬⌐, and sitting down with people and chatting. I’m exploring all of my options.”

Thankfully her family isn’t hard up for cash. McCord’s hubby is a general manager for Hotel Chandler, and they can still afford many of the luxuries others can’t.

She adds, “If I’m not able to replace my income by the time my severance runs out, discretionary expenses and our nanny are where we’d have to cut back.”

Getting rid of the nanny? You mean, she’ll actually have to care of her kids on her own????

Damn this recession!

[Image via WENN.]

Mar 10, 2009 3:48pm PDT

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