The View Just Tore ‘Delusional’ Donald Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway A New One!

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And to think, they had such great history with Donald Trump

The View may no longer be the critically acclaimed talk show it once was, but you can’t deny the dysfunctional daytime series is extremely entertaining.

To prove that point, the ABC panel invited Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway onto the show Wednesday morning… and things did not go well!

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We’re talking Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell levels of intensity!!!

Basically, without Candace Cameron Bure there for support, Kellyanne was left alone to defend her Conservative views against those of Liberal Whoopi Goldberg, Democrat Joy Behar, Independent Paula Faris, and self-proclaimed Libertarian Jedediah Bila.

Well, it was mostly just Whoopi…

Not only did the moderator barely let “delusional” Kellyanne get any words in about healthcare, but she even began berating her guest with questions, asking:

“Didn’t you guys say the polls were rigged? And you love the media now too, yes? You remember he said we were all crooked? What have you been watching? He said the media is crooked, the polls are crooked, everything was crooked.”

Woah there.

Don’t get us wrong — we disagree with pretty much everything the Republican strategist believes… but they did invite her onto the show.

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At least let her speak her nonsense!

Ch-ch-check out The View vs. Kellyanne Conway (below)!!!

[Image via ABC.]

Nov 2, 2016 6:13pm PDT