The View Adding ANOTHER Fox News Host? WTF?!

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On Monday, a spot opened up on The View when Sara Haines announced she was leaving.

The no-brainer replacement we expected was Ana Navarro (inset, right). We know they’re looking for a conservative, and the frequent guest host fits the bill — but she’s also compassionate and vehemently against Donald Trump, so she won’t be going all Sarah Huckabee Sanders and just retelling the president’s lies.

She also adds another strong Latina voice to the table. (But maybe the demo they’re aiming for would have a problem with that? Just sayin’…)

While Deadline says Navarro is in contention, their sources claim the name in the lead is actually Abby Huntsman (inset, left).

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HuffPo goes a step further; their sources tell them ABC has been looking to sign the cohost of Fox & Friends Weekend for quite a while.

Another conservative is one thing, but ANOTHER voice from Trump’s dedicated propaganda network? Eesh.

Innerestingly, a Fox News inside source claims Abby’s contract wouldn’t allow her agents to shop her to another network right now.

Which lady would YOU like to see take the fifth seat??

[Image via ABC/FoxNews/YouTube.]

Jul 24, 2018 3:36pm PST