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Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss ‘Disappeared For Hours’ At Scheana Shay’s Wedding!

Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss ‘Disappeared For Hours’ At Scheana Shay’s Wedding!

And so the plot thickens!

Just earlier this month the tea was spilled that Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss were spotted kissing at Scheana Shay‘s wedding — but it’s apparently not the only thing that went down during the nuptials! Wedding dress designers Patrik Simpson and his partner Pol’ Atteu revealed on Jeff Lewis Live at the time the Tom Schwartz kiss with Raquel was completely staged — but her kiss with the other Tom wasn’t:

“I see Tom Sandoval and Raquel kissing off to the side. Nobody was around. There were producers and stuff off to the side, but I don’t know if they saw … And then when he told me [that he saw Sandoval and Leviss kissing], I’m like, which Tom?! Now you go back to it and you realize, ‘Oh, it was the other one.’ Because we knew that [kiss with Schwartz] was fake.”

Yeah, wow!

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Now things are heating up even more because according to Patrik and Pol the pair weren’t just kissing at the wedding — they disappeared completely! While speaking to The US Sun on Tuesday, Patrik revealed:

“Everyone was in the VIP pool drinking all day and swimming until producers called everyone out and told them to get ready for the wedding. Sandoval and Raquel were in the pool along with [Tom] Schwartz and Brock [Scheana’s fiance] and several of Brock’s groomsmen. And then after that I believe they were MIA. We left the pool about 2pm to bring Scheana’s wedding gown in the bridal suite while she was getting her makeup and hair done. And then we went and changed for the wedding and came back about 4.15pm and started getting Scheana ready.”

The Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras frontman and the 28-year-old beauty pageant queen were missing for HOURS, said Pol:

“Raquel was missing for three hours at that time. So all the bridesmaids were available, I was doing dresses, back and forth, ’cause I was fixing them at the same time, and there was no Raquel.”


After 5 p.m. Patrik went upstairs to get Pol a sewing kit he had forgotten, and when he came back that’s when he said he saw Sandoval and Raquel making out:

“He sent me up and then I’m running down and come out the elevator, look off to the elevator, look to the left. And there is Sandoval kissing Raquel. At the time, I thought it was just more made-up producer stuff, and we spoke about it between us but not to Tom [Sandoval].”

The bridesmaids showed up around 5:30, and Raquel was there to meet the group after she’d been missing for three hours, but both designers noted she didn’t seem interested in anything and was very distracted by her phone. It was at this time Sandoval came into the bridal room and “trashed” it while taking selfies with Patrik and Pol — who never saw Ariana Madix at the wedding.

They admit they thought about bringing up what they’d seen to Sandoval at the time — but ultimately decided not to:

“Pol’ even said to me, he goes, ‘Well, do you think we should say anything?’ But then he was like, ‘Scheana’s getting married, what the hell, what does it matter? Everyone f**ks everybody on this show anyway.'”


The couple said they didn’t hear about the affair until weeks after the Mexico wedding:

“I was there for a wedding. I wasn’t there for a scandal. When we came back to LA we were like, ‘What? No.’ But we couldn’t say anything … There were a lot of rumblings between them, but I don’t think anybody really believed it because Raquel was playing it off really stupid and everyone was questioning it.”

And as far as Raquel? Pol is still certain in his belief that she’s just a social climber:

“I think she’s not for him, she’s just going after anyone she can because she’s insecure, she has a self-worth problem. She will grab whoever she can to get the spotlight. I think she needs to look deep inside to be able to try to figure out who she is. I think she’s lost.”

Yeesh… He also says Sandoval is making a huge mistake by hurting Ariana:

“Sandoval is the kind of guy, the wind blows this way and that’s the way he’s gonna go. Ariana was the only thing that grounded him. If it wasn’t for Ariana, I don’t think Sandoval would be able to manage the restaurant, manage the bar, manage the band. All the different components. She’s hurt in such a way like, ‘We were trying to build something together, this is not right.'”

To which Patrik added:

“They’ve been together what, a decade? That’s a long time to spend your life with someone. You’re building a future with someone, you’re buying a house with someone, you’re building a brand with someone. And then to just be completely blindsided is just not cool. And he’s saying, ‘I was trying to break up with her.’ Just be a man and break up with her, just do it.'”


Pol’ also added that Raquel should’ve never inserted herself into the situation because Sandoval and Ariana’s relationship had been complicated for a while:

“Unfortunately, he decided to go in a different direction. And I can’t say I blame him completely if somebody like Raquel makes it so much easier and is so diabolical, like Scheana said, to take advantage of a scenario, which is what she did.”

Wow… tough but fair? What do YOU think, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Bravo/YouTube/Raquel Leviss/Instagram]

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