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Vanderpump Rules Finally Shows The First Signs Of Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss’ Affair Being Exposed! Recap HERE!

New Vanderpump Rules Episode Shows The First Signs Of Tom Sandoval & Raquel Leviss’ Affair!

Scandoval is slowly unraveling right before our eyes on Vanderpump Rules.

During the latest episode Wednesday night, some of the first signs of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ affair was noticed by some of their fellow cast members — especially by James Kennedy’s girlfriend, Ally Lewber. As we previously reported, the 27-year-old first grew suspicious of the controversial pair’s relationship after she witnessed them getting cozy and “dancing alone together” at The Abbey in August of 2022. And now, we’re finally seeing the moment play out as Ally admits on camera that she caught their eyebrow-raising behavior red-handed!

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So get ready for the drama, everyone…

Lisa’s Suspicion

In the episode, viewers saw Lisa Vanderpump stop by SUR to meet up with Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. When Raquel came over to the group’s table to grab their order, the 40-year-old had her sit down between him and Schwartz. As the 28-year-old noted she was “in trouble,” that’s when Lisa seemed to spot something inneresting was going on between her and Sandoval. The RHOBH alum asked her TomTom co-owner why he seemed a little too happy while he smiled and kept his arm around Raquel:

“Why do you like it so much? You’ve got a smile on your face.”

He subsequently removes his hand and smirks back at Lisa. But you could see it on her face — she KNEW something was fishy here!

What Ally Saw

Following the night out, Ally then revealed she told Katie Maloney and Lala Kent that she “saw Sandoval and Raquel dancing together at The Abbey” in West Hollywood after James’ gig at SUR – while his girlfriend Ariana Madix was nowhere to be seen. She said in a confessional:

“I personally wouldn’t be comfortable with it, I guess to have my boyfriend out at 1 a.m. with girls, but everyone’s different.”

Speaking with James at their apartment, Ally noted that she thought the moment “was kind of weird” that night, adding:

“It was like 1 a.m., and we were like, ‘Where’s Ariana?’”

The 31-year-old DJ agreed, mentioning how he’s “noticed how much Raquel has been hanging out with the Toms” and they’ve become “best of buds these days.” However, he brushed off what Ally saw, saying:

“I wouldn’t put too much into it.”

But clearly, James and Ally should have continued to question the interaction between Raquel and Sandoval at The Abbey! Because as we know, it was later revealed they had been carrying on a relationship for months behind Ariana’s back!

Raquel’s Other Affair

Elsewhere, a good portion of the episode focused on Raquel learning that RHOBH star Garcelle Beauvais’ son Oliver Saunders was not separated from his wife when they started seeing each other. Of course, Raquel wasn’t too happy about what she found out. But when Lala found out about the situation, the 32-year-old slammed her co-star during her birthday party for calling her a “mistress” earlier this season — when she’s now become one, too:

“This bitch sat across from me and goes, ‘You’re a mistress.’ Well, bitch, I wouldn’t be so quick to throw daggers at me. I bet your mom’s real proud of you, bitch. There’s a woman on the other end of this who’s suffering.”

Katie then chimed in to say:

“She never thinks about the woman on the other end of it. She never has. She never cares.”

WOW! All these quotes could have been said months later…

Sandoval Defends Raquel

Katie continued to blast Raquel, even calling her a “dumb bitch” at one point. However, Sandoval wasn’t too thrilled about the SUR waitress getting dragged — and actually stood up for her, saying:

“You seem like you get a lot of joy out of that.”

To which Katie replied:

“I don’t get a lot of joy out of it. It’s just funny to me.”

But Sandoval wasn’t buying it. He reacted in a confessional:

“I’ve seen Katie over the years be a very proactively vindictive person, so she is savoring this like the best piece of wagyu steak that you’ve ever had.”

But Katie wasn’t backing down! She then decided to bring up The Abbey, telling Sandoval:

“You get a lot of joy out of Raquel as well, I think.”

He responded:

“Yeah, cool person.”

She went on to mention what she heard about his and Raquel’s night out together, saying:

“You go to The Abbey together at one o’clock in the morning.”

Sandoval quickly shut down Katie, firing back:

“Dude, what the f**k are you saying, dude? Get the f**k out of here, man.”

But the look on his face afterward, well, it says it all. Ch-ch-check it out (below):

Wow. Sandoval seemed really worried for a second there that his secret was about to be exposed! What did you think about the new VPR episode, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via Vanderpump Rules/Peacock]

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