Trisha Paytas & Jason Nash’s Breakup Is STILL Playing Out — New Confessions And Revelations On What Actually Lead To Their Split Revealed!

This YouTube breakup is still going on. We know, it’s A LOT.

To catch you up, one of our faves — Trisha Paytas — has been going through a sad split with ex-BF Jason Nash. It’s been played out in videos, on Instagram, and Twitter, with many fans taking sides. In her first video, Trish confessed she broke up with Jason because he called her fat with no remorse, and she could not get past it.

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He fired back, saying he has always loved her body, even issuing an apology video during VidCon explaining his side of the situation.

The entire breakup and series of videos are honestly more nuanced than that, but to save time we’ll be providing an abridged version of what transpired next.

Over the weekend, Trisha posted a 37 minute video (above) explaining that they’ve texted and she now knows the root of their problems — Jason has food issues and she was hard to be around because of her unhealthy eating habits. The vid is lengthy but worth the watch if you’re a fan, because it really clicks with Trisha.

Now… after that was uploaded, Jason issued a response. In the video, he talks about his ex-wife (who Trish mentioned above), how the blonde stunner was great with his kids, all the hateful comments he’s been receiving, and how Paytas ordering chicken parmesan at 11 p.m. for a mukbang really affected him:

You lost too, LOLz? We watched all the videos and we’re STILL confused. Mind you, Jason is in Boston for his sister’s wedding and had to step away to record this car confession.

On Sunday, Trish made another response video, clocking in at 40 mins. In this clip, she shows chicken parm receipts, talks couples therapy, and seemingly responded to all inaccuracies in Jason’s last upload:

Finally, Trish uploaded the infamous FULL chicken parmesan mukbang:

Addressing all the drama on Twitter, Trisha shared:

After all this, we really just want what’s best for them. All this airing of dirty laundry seems so toxic!

Sending love and light!

Jun 25, 2018 11:15am PST