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Lance Bass is getting political!

The former boybander is talking gay marriage in this post on LOGO's Visible Vote website.

Says Princess Frostylocks:

"In the upcoming election my hope is that we find a leader who has the ability to understand, work with and effectively negotiate with other world leaders as well as fix the severe problems we face at home. The United States needs to maintain its ability to be the most admired, respected and powerful nation in the world.

There are so many important issues at stake in this election, it’s difficult to pinpoint just one that’s the most important to me. I am very concerned about the environment, the ongoing war in Iraq, health care (especially the future of stem cell research) and many other domestic issues.

However, since the upcoming Democratic debate will focus on LGBT issues, I’d like to discuss my feelings on why gay marriage is an important issue to me and why I think it should be supported by all the Democratic candidates.

Bill Clinton promoted tolerance and acceptance of the LGBT community. He appointed the first openly gay senior level officials to the White House staff and fought for equal rights for LGBT Americans. His attitude and policies helped to lift the veil of shame that so many LGBT individuals have felt all their lives and helped pave the way for millions of LGBT Americans to begin to fight for equal rights.

Over the years, the amazing progress the LGBT community has made has started to crumble. Many politicians have said that allowing gay marriage would somehow threaten the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, essentially saying that allowing gay people to marry tarnishes the institution of marriage. The underlying message is that gay people should be treated differently, aren’t worthy enough to share the title of marriage, and that the love shared between gay couples is somehow less than the love between straight couples.

My main fear is for the LGBT youth in America and around the world who, for one reason or another aren’t able to cope or can’t escape their prejudice cities, towns and communities. I often wonder how many teens have committed suicide because they’re struggling with their sexuality and feel the incredible weight of the shame their community puts on homosexuality? I am hoping in this election we have Democratic candidates who feel as passionately about this issue as I do.

By not supporting gay marriage we are teaching our youth that gays aren’t equal to straight people. We are teaching them that what they feel is wrong. What a terrible message to send to impressionable children and potentially devastating message to all the LGBT youth who may be living in an isolated environment struggling with being gay and feeling they have no hope and no one to turn to.

I understand this issue isn’t going to win an election for the Democrats and may even cost votes, but supporting gay marriage is the right thing to do. I think that the Democratic Party needs to rise above the past and help all people have the right to marry whomever they choose. I want to live in a place where no one has to feel ashamed of who they are, who they choose to spend their life with and a place where everyone can make the choice if they would like to get married. Now is the time for our Democratic candidates to stand strong and fight for what’s right."

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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183 comments to “When Celebrities Blog”

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  1. ATX says – reply to this



  2. lauren says – reply to this


    i love perez!!

  3. ATX says – reply to this



  4. ATX says – reply to this



  5. ATX says – reply to this



  6. Hayley says – reply to this


    Is Lance Bass stupid or something? He's all pro-Bill Clinton and saying that he wants marriage for gays and lesbians but it was actually Bill Clinton who signed the Defence of Marriage Act in 1996 which defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. Perhaps he should have done a little more research before he name-dropped Clinton.

  7. newworldslacker says – reply to this


    good for him, he's (finally) being talked about again, why shouldn't he get his chance while the spotlight is on him to talk about an issue that's incredibly important and frankly (clearly) not enough is being done about. well done lance in my opinion.

  8. Not a basher says – reply to this


    doesn't he know that gay marriage is against God's law as written in the Bible.

  9. Lali says – reply to this


    good for him
    gay marriage should totally be legal
    I mean straight ppl just abuse it seriously
    my dad has been married 12 times and divorced 11

  10. JossyB says – reply to this


    atleast he is trying to use his status as a well known individuale to promote something that seriously needs to be examined……..People are dumb in america…….if it takes Lance Bass to make people think……then more power to him……lets hope maybe some good comes out of it……..

  11. UKer says – reply to this



  12. ho ho says – reply to this


    Its great when celebs try and get involved in politics. usually they left school in high school without any degree and then they think after making some money that they know how to run everyone's life. go to school, get educated and then talk to me.

  13. griselmania says – reply to this


    The '08 presidential election will be my first and I'm voting Democrat all the way.

  14. rob says – reply to this


    where did he go to school? hmmmmm he didn't

  15. UKer says – reply to this



  16. meat hook says – reply to this


    im a leader.grab on this and follow me………

  17. i`m 6th or7th???? says – reply to this



  18. bebo says – reply to this



  19. meat hook says – reply to this


    im a leader.grab on this and follow me……… I said now!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. katy says – reply to this


    I am with ya!!!! I support gay marriage and all people being treated equal!!!! If you are all about the bible, maybe you should remember all people are created equal!!!!

  21. AGM says – reply to this


    Gay Marriage is a joke. Wasn't he going to the Moon anyway??

  22. Katie Rude says – reply to this


    Lance quit being a FAG! Clinton was one of the worst leaders we had. Instead of growing a pair….he was too busy getting his small ones fondled.

  23. kelsey says – reply to this


    to # 8-

    not everyone lives life by the Bible, or "god's law"

  24. Christie says – reply to this


    Hey, let's make this upcoming election about something as important as gay marriage. Give me a break. There are so many more important issues to rectify than whether homos can skip down the aisle of love. We've got soldiers dying for no other reason than the presidents greed and that of his friends. We've got a healthcare system that denies basic and essential care to those who need it. Our governmet is sooooo far from what our founding fathers intended, it makes me want to scream. Big oil and the pharmecutical conglomerates are running this country, at the expense of the taxpayer wallet and the health of our citizens. BUT….. by all means, let's put all that on the back burner so we can get to the pressing issue of whether or not gays can book a catering hall. When the major ills of this downward spiraling country are on the mend, then let's talk about your pending nuptials.

  25. Megan says – reply to this


    Not a basher commented its against god for gay marriage. Who are we to say that? Thats soo close minded. Im straight but if people wanna marry who are we to tell them not to. wow

  26. AGM says – reply to this


    They are created equal, but gays choose the wrong path!!

  27. AGM says – reply to this


    They are created equal, but gays choose the wrong path

  28. J Bravo says – reply to this


    Typical. I am for gay marriage, as my brother is a homosexual. But Lance Bass, you are just another delusional self righteous idiot who wants to pretend to be intellectual. SInce when should gay rights be on the top of anyone's list for a canidate's policies? How selfish are you? There are so many more important things going on in this world right now to be so concerned about gay rights (which has to do mostly with marriage). But according to you, this isnt the case. Your selfish immediate sexually driven needs are what matters most to you. You commend Bill Clinton, yet you fail to mention how he installed the NAFTA agreement that will keep Mexico buried in poverty until it is lifted. Not too mention all the other countries he trampled on economically in order to keep the Americans rich and the third world countries poorer than your NSYNC ass could imagine. What a joke….

  29. Meagan says – reply to this


    Gay marriage should not be allowed. Marriage is for a man and a woman and if gay marriage ever did become legal it would ruin the concept of marriage.

  30. MiMi LaRue says – reply to this


    Good for him. I hope one day in my lifetime this will no longer even be an issue. It's just sad that human rights like this are still being fought for. (And no, I am not gay)

  31. Kate says – reply to this


    VOTE FOR MIKE GRAVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. marcus says – reply to this


    it's good that he has a keen in politics. and his heart is definitely in the right price but doesnt he understand that it was actually Bill Clinton who caused all this gay marriage drama in the first place? Lance Bass should have gotten his facts in order a little better. without bill clinton then gays and lesbians could have already been getting married and there would have been nothing that anybody coulda done about it. it's the DOMA that gets quoted all the time as being a reason why lesbians n gays cant get married. and clinton was responsible for that act. so yeah Clinton may have promoted tolerance and been against gay bashing but he is not in favor of gays and lesbians getting married Lance. no way. and he's the reason why u cant get married to your boyfriend.

  33. LL Cool J says – reply to this


    I feel badly for gay couples who can't get married (especially so they can share insurance benefits.) but I don't think it's such a big issue for Democrats this election. The Democrats are too busy trying to get Republican votes therefore appealing to the middle ground and trying to act tough. For example Obama saying he will invade Pakistan if he becomes Prez - good lord. You can always move to Canada, they love gay people up there!

  34. Bel says – reply to this


    #8……..I TOTALLY agree………..
    #15…… I hope that one day you change your mind, I cannot imagine existing in a world where I did not believe in God.

  35. jessa says – reply to this


    yeah lance! you said it sista!

  36. AMG says – reply to this


    #23…they should learn to live by God's law.

  37. People Get a Clue says – reply to this


    1. I think it is funny when celebs talk politics. I am not against it (even though I disagree with 99% of their views) but they need to have all their damned facts. Lance Bass and probably 95% of "political celebs" just regurgitate what they hear on the mainstrea media or on these kook-fringe liberal blogging websites (DailyKos, moveon.org, etc.).

    2. The environment is such a BOGUS issue. There is NO PROVEN fact that even if global warming exists, that it is man-made. In science, in order for something to be a proven fact, it has to be able to be tested numerous times and always come out with the same result. Not true here. MANY scientists believe global warming is a bunch of hype. For example, the 5 worst natural disasters in history occurred PRIOR TO 1900!! How do you explain that? So the celebs have no education, no clue and just jump on the Algore bandwagon because it is the "popular issue of the day".

    3. Gay marriage being opposed by Bush or anyone else has nothing to do with being a fundamentalist Christian, etc. It has to do with the fact that 75% of people polled believe married should be between a man and a woman, and also that numerous studies have shown the advantage of children needing to be raised in a two-parent, married, hetero couple. How can two men teach a girl about womanhood, or two women teach a boy about becoming a man??? And what does that teach the child? If you are two women raising boys, what does that tell them about their (a man's) importance in the life of its child? It is unnecessary? Please. Go with the civil unions and stop with your self-absorbed agendas.

    4. We already know the celebs are 99% liberal Democrats - nothing new or courageous about that. Bush-bashing is so popular now, that if you were to come out in support of Bush or conservative ideals, especially as a celebrity, you would be laughed out of Hollywood and probably would not have a job ever again. And this coming from the party who claims to be all-inclusive and love "free speech". Give me a break.

  38. dangar says – reply to this


    To #8 comment- God didn't write the Bible, humans did, so how do you know what Gods law is???

  39. Osama says – reply to this


    to #22 bitch quit being a bitch just once in your sorry homophobic life.
    the USA while Clinton was having his "small ones fondled" wasn't attacked like we did under Bush bloody idiot.
    I'm sure you're nothing but a biotch whose husband goes to work and flucks his aide and don't mind as long as he pays for the housethe country club so that you can be seen hitting on the tennis court and go to brunch;cars;school fees;as long as you and your kids have insurance.
    The economy was on a constant upside and we didn't fucking owe china $233Trillion.
    I bet you're nothing but a swinging;cheating whore who sucks the neighors d!ck while your husband is at work cunt!

  40. Lauren Highler says – reply to this


    So…why is gay marriage right? We should support it just because if we don't we might hurt someone's feelings?

    Homosexuality is a sexual perversion. You can look at the way your bodies are created and tell that. Our bodies weren't made for men to be with men and women to be with women.

    If you are into having sex with your own gender, fine, whatever. I'm not doing it but it doesn't mean you can't. I just am not going to recognize you and your "significant other" as a legal couple. You insisting on it is like me saying I want to be legally recognized as Dr. Lauren Highler - even though I haven't gotten a PhD and have no experience. I like watching House, M.D., as many doctors do, so that should be enough to make me a doctor! So you, as Americans, should recognize me as a Doctor. It's the only "right" thing to do - otherwise I might feel repressed.

    You, as a homosexual "couple" like being romantic and holding hands like normal (man and a woman) couples do, so that means you are just like them and deserve their rights? Just because you do things similar to someone else doesn't mean you are them.

  41. alliiih says – reply to this


    the us is the most admired, respected nation in the world.???

    is that actually true?? no

  42. Darren says – reply to this


    And George Bush appointed a closeted war monger lesbian as our Secretary of State and look at how she has conducted herself around the globe - what a b__ch!

  43. stephen says – reply to this


    quit saying that the bible says not to… it say not to do a LOT of things but we don't follow that. it also says THOU SHALL NOT KILL yet we are killling people in IRAQ.. doesn't make much sense, huh?? the bible isn't everyones belief. some of us believe that an old man is rolling around in his grave because all of you fools are falling for it.

  44. AGM says – reply to this


    #23…They should follow God's law. I'd hate to see where they were going if they don't choose to follow him.

  45. basher says – reply to this


    Dear "not a basher":

    The Bible and the constitution are not one and the same thing. Just because the Bible says something is immoral or wrong does not mean that the laws should reflect the teachings one hundred percent. As a democracy, the USA cannot impose a religious belief of one (mainly dominant) religion on its entire population. Despite many common misconceptions, the USA is a secular society where people should have a right to exercise free speech and practice any religion they want… Sorry, but your comment just seemed naive.

  46. hai says – reply to this


    You're all stupid coming onto this blog and telling people what "gay" is and what gays should and not do. PEREZ is gay. this whole blog is created because of his interests in the gay community, his lifestyle and celebrities (and the gay ones make his blog even more popular).

  47. Nate says – reply to this


    Lauren Highler is a CUNT!

  48. UKer says – reply to this



  49. Katieb says – reply to this


    Meagan –

    Please explain to me HOW gay marriage will undermine society. Please explain how marriage between two homosexuals will undermine marriage.

    I am straight; and the biggest threat to my marriage is my husband's secretary. A gay couple getting married has no effect on our relationship whatsoever. We both live in Massachusetts, where gay marriage is legal, and so far our relationship has not crumbled and eroded. Frankly, it has made our relationship stronger.

    So please, I'm interested to hear HOW AND WHY gay marriage undermines society.

  50. ME says – reply to this


    he's right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Noel says – reply to this


    What the HE#! is LGBT??

  52. Lara says – reply to this


    blah blah blah- this went from politic BORE to a gay rights soapbox speech. I would hope someone would put more thought into their political choices then just by how strongly the candidate feels for his gay community. There IS more to this world believe it or not!

  53. AGM says – reply to this


    The Doctor has spoken. And why is it you need the help of the opposite sex to give you a baby?? BECAUSE IT IS WRONG TO BE GAY!!!!!

  54. katieb says – reply to this


    Lauren Highler

    clearly has no gay friends and knows no gay people.

  55. Lydia says – reply to this



    I agree with gay marriage from the stand-point that all people should be equal, and gays should have the exact same rights as a straight couple, but I do NOT agree with changing hundreds upon hundreds of years of religious doctrine because politics are becoming more liberal. If a gay couple goes to city hall and gets married, they should have the same rights as a straight couple, but politicians have absolutely no right to walk into a church and tell a priest they HAVE to perform gay marriages.

  56. Lauren says – reply to this


    To #37, I was raised by two women and I don't believe I have missed out on anything, or turned out "wrong". And what studies are you referring to? I'd love to hear some that were done by an INDEPENDANT researching company instead of a lot of the bogus ones based on religious propaganda.

  57. zigga says – reply to this


    The word is the adjective "prejudiceD," NOT the noun "prejudice."

  58. David says – reply to this


    The bible says many contradictory things. Some good, some bad, some nonsensical. While I believe in G-d, i also believe man wrote the bible based on man's ideas and needs at the time. For instance, much of kosher law had to do with the cleanliness and limited of certain food resources at the time. They don't hold up today. If G-d loves everybody and being gay doesn't hurt anybody, then it is not a sin and thus should be respected.

  59. mytwocents says – reply to this


    i think there is a difference between a church marriage and civil marriage.
    so before people start quoting the bible, and what is wrong and what is right, i think he was referring to civil marriage.
    just come up to Canada. it's great up here!!!

  60. amyd says – reply to this


    Lance raises a very interesting issue but it's not just about marriage. We continue to wrestle with the issue of whether the LGBT community is even worthy of pursuing long standing relationships. The obvious answer here is yes, but if you look at some large brands in the public sector (i.e. eHarmony), they are blatantly saying no. Ever take their compatibily test? If you are gay or lesbian, expect to be rejected!

  61. Bean Town Bitty says – reply to this


    Massachusetts in the hizzy. Lance can come live with us and he can marry whoever the f he wants too!!! Red Sox, red sox, red sox!!!!

  62. leigh ann says – reply to this


    The thing is it should have anything to do with the God argument.

    I am not gay nor do I believe in any God, but marriage IS a religious thing, and it is supposed to be between a man and a woman.
    The trouble is that the law says to be entitled to certain things as a couple you need to be married.
    It's high time that was changed.

    The law shouldn't have anything to do with religion.

    It's sort of like a non-Jewish person wanting a bar/t mitzvah just to make a statement, or for the party & gifts, well fine, but what's the point? A bar/t mitzvah is done for a special reason.
    BUT if you needed to have a bar/t mitzvah to say, enter high school (a law that would have been made back when more people were religious and the laws were made differently) then it wouldn't be fair at all and it would have been changed a LONG time ago.
    As long as no-one is harming anyone else all couples should be allowed equal rights under the law, but I don't necessarily think that it should have to do with marriage. It's really irrelevant.
    There are a lot of heterosexual couples who do not want to get married but still want something that will give them FULL equal rights under the law.

    Oh yeah, lance needs to shut up. I doubt he will make any difference. Just because he has everything he wants besides rights for his sexuality (which money can't buy) he things that should be top of the agenda.

  63. cindy says – reply to this


    come on now!! Anyone with any knowledge and a bit of conscience knows that screwing the same sex is immoral!! YUK!!!! Perez oozes filth and stench. I can smell him from here!!!!

  64. HellYeah says – reply to this


    Princess Frosty Locks is TARDTASTIC - He is highly misguided if he truely thinks that everyone else admires and looks up to the US. What a falsehood. That is our own opinion of ourselves - like we are somehow better than other countries (which hey, we do rock) but the reality is most outsiders despise Americans. Mostly because we have a cocky attitude about our 'power'. TEAM AMERICA - World Police!!! Fuck Yeah

  65. leigh ann says – reply to this


    it SHOULDN'T have anything to do with God. I meant to say..

  66. AGM says – reply to this


    WOW, there sure are a lot of angry FAGS on this.

  67. Marc says – reply to this


    Good for Lance! It's good to see celebrities coming out of the closet. For good or bad, these people are role models to a lot of teens and really influence the way they think.

  68. Lisa says – reply to this


    This is what I got out of it:
    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

    For eight freakin paragraphs!! WHO CARES!!! Celebs need to except that they should just do their job, no one needs their opinions! Expecially since they are so far removed from us "common folk"!!

  69. criss says – reply to this


    oh gosh, whatever. get over it, its not gonna happen for a looong while.

    im gay and dont feel unequal to straights because i cant marry, and dont plan on it either.

  70. *nsuck says – reply to this


    What a MORON!!

  71. AGM says – reply to this


    yeah, influence in a bad way.

  72. UKer says – reply to this


    #64 - cindy then what are you doing posting on a gay man's site??????????????

  73. to hot for you says – reply to this


    i thgink this is god's way of punishing gay people.why he can't punish ppl that cush,smoke or drink

  74. jim says – reply to this


    Duh, of course fags hate bush….

    #34 - Just imagine…I wonder if you can?

    I can - Yippee!~

  75. Josh says – reply to this


    LANCE SHUT THE HELL UP! I hate how this man comes out at 27 (!!) and suddenly fancies himself to poster boy for gay rights! There are far more intelligent, capable and proud individuals who can argue for gay rights, so why don't you just do everyone a favor and GO AWAY.


  76. TK says – reply to this


    O shutup! No one cares about gay marriage Lancey Pants!

  77. dallal says – reply to this


    ….Hell, if Amy Winehouse is legally allowed to marry then….

  78. jim says – reply to this


    #74 - God should punish your grammar. Engage spell check at least.

  79. HellYeah says – reply to this


    (GOTTA LAUGH) H - E - DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS? This is a blog, stop being so fucking stupid. Who writes He*& anyway? Let it go girl, live a little, write the whole fucking work - HELL, see? Wasn't so hard!

  80. Candi Cane says – reply to this


    "Is Lance Bass stupid or something? He’s all pro-Bill Clinton and saying that he wants marriage for gays and lesbians but it was actually Bill Clinton who signed the Defence of Marriage Act in 1996 which defined marriage as being between a man and a woman. Perhaps he should have done a little more research before he name-dropped Clinton. " —- So True! Plus wasn't it also Hillary who stated that she believed Marriage to be between a man and a woman. Oh yes, and didn't Bill give us the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy?!

    Dear Lance,
    Better to let people think you're a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!

  81. Brianna says – reply to this


    What an idiot!
    Marriage is between a man and a woman. Unions are for gay couples.
    Besides, being gay is considered a mental disorder by most scientists who work in with genetics and chromosones.
    What a joke.

  82. Dakarimon says – reply to this


    God made Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve.

  83. FUCKYeah! says – reply to this


    AW, Dr. Retardo, this is a blog - there is no spell check. Get over it. Oh, by the way, gays have been around for hundreds of years, that ain't gonna change ya'll. Deal with it. Mind your own bid'ness and get a fuckin' life.

  84. Republican Girls are hotter says – reply to this



  85. Haaaaay says – reply to this


    Every gay needs a cause, and this is Princess Frosty Locks'. You go girl, get yourself some opinions with a side of edumacatucion. DE DE DEE.

  86. UKer says – reply to this



  87. LANA says – reply to this


    "I want to live in a place where no one has to feel ashamed of who they are, who they choose to spend their life with and a place where everyone can make the choice if they would like to get married."

    That place does exist, it's called CANADA

  88. Mia says – reply to this


    Wow. Very well said.

    But… so many people in the US would vote against a candidate in support of gay marriage. Sadly, I doubt that such a candidate could win. What would be worse: a candidate who supports civil unions but not gay marriage, or a candidate who won't even add 'sexual orientation' to the definition of hate crimes? I would rather have the former than the latter, because honestly I don't think it's possible, even in 2007!, to have a pro-gay marriage candidate be successful. It's a compromise, and it still SUCKS, but I think it beats having a homophobic president.

  89. Marc says – reply to this


    It's funny to hear some of the negative reaction cited above. It's easy to dismiss the religious based ones because they're just ignorant. Anyone claiming to know what God really thinks is just ludicrous. However, the more sophisticated and politically oriented answers are painful. I'd like to respecfully point out to the authors of answers # 24 and # 25 that republicans, not supporters of gay marriage, were the one responsible for choosing gay marriage as the most important issue of the presidential election 2004. I seriously believe that Bush was already politically wounded back then and the "anti gay marriage vote" gave him a major boost to win re-election. Now to the flawed argument stated by the author of answer # 40, there are many things straight couples do that go against your theory of "body parts not meant to do". the mouth is not meant to kiss, but straight couples do it too. i don't mind to hear anti gay positions; this is a free country and people are entitled to their ideas. I just hate hearing the stupid ones ;-)

  90. Misfit says – reply to this


    The United States needs to maintain its ability to be the most admired, respected and powerful nation in the world.

    In which world would the US of A be the most admired, respected and powerful nation?

  91. UKMark says – reply to this


    Lance Says "The United States needs to maintain its ability to be the most admired, respected and powerful nation in the world"

    Americans really don't have a clue how much the world resents them since GW came to office. Lance is typical American arrogant.

  92. gem20 says – reply to this


    Such a sad sad world

  93. cmb21 says – reply to this


    Can we please just officially condone it as a 'Civil Union?' Matrimony is a religious ceremony and religion helps us to understand our most natural form of being and behavior. As there is no such thing as natural procreation in a homosexual union, can we PLEASE just sanctify it as a Civil Union? I fully condone all tax and other benefits that come along with marriage to be bestowed upon a homosexual civil union as well, but let's not go completely mainstream with it. I say this in DEFENSE of gay people because honestly, you guys (and gals) are going to end up 'recruiting' some folk that are no more than attention-seekers and are just going to be a tease to you anyway, so again, let's all agree to call it a Civil Union, k? Peace!

  94. Mrs Jason Newsted says – reply to this


    A name like that…and he can't play a single instrument. LOL

  95. Renee says – reply to this


    I disagree with both #8 AND #15. G_d exists and he loves all his children (including gays)!!

  96. Lola says – reply to this


    How is gay marriage not an important issue in politics? By denying gay rights, the US is treating homosexuals as second-class citizens. But you're right, the issue of human rights violations is a silly one that we shouldn't fret over.

  97. ummm says – reply to this


    "The United States needs to maintain its ability to be the most admired, respected and powerful nation in the world."

    ummmm….what? most admired, respected and powerful nation in the world? WHAT?

  98. UKer says – reply to this



  99. AGM says – reply to this


    Why are people putting a "-" between the G and the d? It's only a three letter word. Here, I will help those in need. It's spelled "God"! There, so now that everyone has the correct spelling, let's use it.

  100. Mario Strasburger says – reply to this


    Gay marriage will never be accepted as long as Christianity stands, for Christianity is diametrically opposed to a lifestyle the Bible calls an abomination, unnatural and subject to God's judgement. It is never mentioned as a trait with which one is born, such as ethnic distinctives, but a unatural behavior, of which one needs to repent, just as adultery, drunkeness and drug taking. If you can get rid of Christianity then maybe this lifestyle can be accepted, promoted and seen as normal, but Christianity has been with us since the beginning even though many have tried to stamp it out or twist it to their own detriment, yet the founder of this peculiar movement said, "the gates of hell will not prevail against my church!" so rather then trying to change society to try and accept an abominable practice why don't you let Christ change and cleanse you and give you a new life!

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