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Whoopi Likes Pussy

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On The View yesterday, Whoopi Goldberg joked that she liked pussy.

Was she really joking????

We would not be surprised to learn that she likes a little sushi with her Kobe beef every once in a while!

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95 comments to “Whoopi Likes Pussy”

  1. anna says – reply to this



  2. Hayley says – reply to this



  3. linds says – reply to this


    woof. that was painful to read

  4. mari says – reply to this



  5. who cares says – reply to this


    still not gonna explain the eye? come on.

  6. Belle says – reply to this


    Big shocker.

  7. April says – reply to this



  8. Zebra says – reply to this


    Not a secret! She has carpet muncher written all over her face. Did you see her Suge getting it on in The Color Purple? Too real. Kinda like Queen Latifah in Set It Off.

  9. kim says – reply to this



  10. Abigail says – reply to this


    That is SO indicative of why I can't watch the view: it's excruciatingly dumb sometimes. Geez. And, they always talk over each other.

  11. Geisha says – reply to this


    They're gonna be talking about this tomorrow on the view. Everyone tune in…Perez you're so fucking smart!

  12. whattheflake says – reply to this


    first….umm. eliza.

  13. daniel says – reply to this



  14. kim says – reply to this



  15. Perezilla has a black eye! says – reply to this


    would it matter if she did like it???? like seriously…..she would still be loved…just like rosie!

  16. sexy bitch says – reply to this



  17. Ayla says – reply to this



  18. April says – reply to this



  19. Kala says – reply to this


    Well no duh!

  20. k says – reply to this


    i thought she was alwayas a lez???

  21. Perezilla has a black eye! says – reply to this


    i think it's WAY stranger that she shaves her eyebrows off

  22. First Bitches says – reply to this


    Eighth Bitches!

  23. Mimi says – reply to this


    are WE surprised or are U surprised PereZZZZZZZZZ - sleep tight…

  24. sergio says – reply to this


    yay more lebians

  25. Frontal Butt says – reply to this


    Whoopi is a total dyke. It's high time she came out and admits she likes to eat moist fur tacos.

  26. KAKA says – reply to this


    I noticed that yesterday too! I always thought she would swing both ways. whoopi like the mystery to her.

  27. Mimi says – reply to this


    ohohhhhhhhhh…. Cuss Cuss….

  28. suggaboo says – reply to this


    whoopi is amazing on the view and it really doent matter if she's gay.. you are too perez so why is it a big deal

  29. Stacee says – reply to this


    I would leave my boyfrind TODAY for her!

  30. ~ROXY~ says – reply to this


    EW… poking out my minds eye! I seriously just vomited alittle in my mouth. Thanks a lot Perez. YOU NASTY THING YOU!

  31. rusty says – reply to this


    She is NOT GAY. Just because you are gay doesn't mean everybody is. YOUR A DISGUSTING PIG.

    For the record she has a MAN.

    GET A LIFE PEREZ quit writing your trash. You keep printing garbage like this you are going to get SUED.

  32. GOSSIP STAR says – reply to this


    that is so disrespectful to anyone to make comment like that in PUBLIC no less.

    what a fucking stupid cunt…

    jeez, can't she have any decorum???

    fucking bitch is NO BETTER than that fat nasty smelly ROSIE_HO

    Between that Whoopie_ass and BAWA brain -loss, people should not go on that show.

    Remember, Whoopi_ass did the 'black-face' routine years ago…yeah, she a a great example to blacks and white all over the place.

    fucking turds

  33. Little Options says – reply to this


    As far as I'm concerned women like her and Rosie have no choice. Trust me if guys showed real interest in them they'd forget all about pussy.Especially Rosie, I can see it in her eyes.If she had guys move on her as a teen her sexual choices would be a whole lot different.

  34. t says – reply to this


    I always kinda thought she was gay or at least went that way sometimes. Doesn't bother me if she is.

  35. mariposa says – reply to this


    Perez that is old news everybody knows she is bi!!!

  36. Carla says – reply to this


    You can just look at her and see that she likes furry tacos, quite frankly id rather not think about it but whatever

  37. 12345 says – reply to this



  38. jeff says – reply to this


    All women would like to try a little

  39. beer says – reply to this


    GGGGGGGGGGGGGROOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSS picturing whoopi having any kind of sex is just disgusting. She is so fucking ugly it hurts. Although Pelosi is equally as ugly so I guess they are a match. Who the fuck watches this stupid show?

  40. itsmebitch says – reply to this


    I thought she was already openly gay. Hmm…guess not.

  41. yummie says – reply to this


    I'd so do her!

  42. gilrybat says – reply to this


    lol that people are so bent out of shape about this. okay, it wasn't the most tactful thing to say to a politician, but fuck, sex is universal. we Americans need to get off our puritanical high horses and just 'get off'. oh what a lovely world it would be if everyone were bi. :sigh:

  43. Libby says – reply to this


    Probably should watch the clip! More like Whoopi was attempting to neutralize what Barbara had to say…….

  44. gilrybat says – reply to this


    btw Perez, thanks for making an appearance in my sex dream last night. i didn't know you had it in ya. ;)

  45. TorontoPerezFan says – reply to this


    I love Whoppi, Today is the best day ever!!!! she is finally taking to task that BRAINWASHED Blonde Binbo Republobot Shoe designer on some of her fake views. What the hell makes this loser an expert on anything. Mat leave hurry up. I miss watching the show because of my distaste for her. There is no bigger Spoiled Rich Brainwashed Bitches on TV and When will ABC see We can't stand her View…..Elisabeth Stay Home and spew out more little brainwashed spawn!
    On topic, who cares what Whoopi's sexual preferences are.
    Today she ROCKS!!!
    Love to Rosie OOOXXX!!!!!!!

  46. Oldster says – reply to this


    Girl, you need to stop dissin old people… cuz folks like us know this is OLD FUCKING NEWS! Like, years ago! Do your homework, please…

  47. jen-jen says – reply to this


    NOT STAR! THANK FUCKIN GOD! She is doing a great job, esp. w/ that waste of couch space Elizabitch Hasseledcunt.

  48. joeyOh says – reply to this


    That Elizabeth troll should sign up for Iraq she's under 42, get goin' and ah take your husband with you. NeXt (she really is a horse's ass).

  49. Eternal Skeptic says – reply to this


    I thought it was settled long ago that Whoopi was a lezzy. I couldn't care less… stupid bitch defended that dog killing monster Michael Vick so she's nothing to me!

  50. S. says – reply to this


    I thought she came out in 90's?

  51. rosie o'd says – reply to this


    What a scary thought to look up and see Whoopi between your legs doing a little muff grazing………it is almost enough to make a fat, rude, ugly, and bone breakinng lesbian go back to dicks.

  52. Apres Ski says – reply to this


    She doesn't shave her eyebrows. They fell off because of drug use, just like your teeth fall out because of meth!

    And who doesn't know that most actors/actresses are bisexual anyway!! OY! Where have you been livin' if you don't know that? God, everybody knows George Clooney is a ghoul!

  53. Fart mom says – reply to this



  54. Jeff says – reply to this


    Get your facts straight … did you even watch it?! She made a comment about Paul Newman being so hot that she would do him … knowing he was married made a joke that his wife could join in to if that was the only way. NOT EVERYONE IS GAY YOU BIG OL' GIRL!

  55. jimmyjazz says – reply to this


    Thank you Perez for giving everyone a nasty visual. Someone's gonna give you another black eye. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a girl that slugged you!!!! PEREZ GOT WHIPPED BY A GIRL NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH

  56. Toscha says – reply to this



  57. Doggy says – reply to this


    : F

  58. Sophie says – reply to this


    FYI I have met Whoopi a few years back in NYC Plaza hotel. In person she is very beautiful. I was actually surprised how radiant and pretty she is. I am not saying she is ugly on screen but she is pretty glowing and very sweet in person. Whoopi is funny and a comedian. She said a joke….get real people. Karma is a bitch and to those who continue to ridical others it will bite them in the ass. I just wish all the haters would use their time for something useful. Look there are child predators out there who murder children and rape. Use your time to write to congress and demand these people be put away for good. Help your neighbor do something special for someone else. Give back and stop worrying about Britney or whoever else you care about. Karma is a bitch and will come back to you.

  59. Sophie says – reply to this


    Whoopi is beautiful in Person. I met her several years ago. She is such a lovely person inside and out. She is comedian so its a joke……Wow I never realized how many loosers are out there with the hateful comments

  60. *Holleywood* says – reply to this


    For some reason I thought she was already out. I had been positive of that for quite awhile now…hmmm…

  61. rachel says – reply to this


    She has admitted in the last year (I can't remember where) that she currently is in a relationship with a woman…

  62. T says – reply to this


    I've always thought she liked women. Her relationships with men have always seemed unnatural, probably set ups by her agency or something.

  63. meh says – reply to this


    I thought that was well known! I remember years ago, when I was about 12 years old and still watched the Oscars, she said something like "If I told you that I'd really loved a woman, would you still be my friend?" I think she said this right after Bryan Adams sang his "to really love a woman" song. I think she was the host.

  64. justjak says – reply to this


    Jeez what pathetic loosers these women are. Ever since they lost Rosie they've been wallowing in the piss and filth strewn gutter to try and keep ratings up. Frankly, I don't think embarassing the Speaker of the House is the way to do it.

  65. mark p says – reply to this


    she actually dates this guy from Ithaca New York, its in upstate New York. I believe he works in Ithaca or Cornell, but her boyfriend is a good friend of my family and i've met her several times. shes a great lady

  66. Linda says – reply to this


    this woman is so ugly and old looking, she is lucky she can be on TV only in America.

  67. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Even if I was in a desert Island alone will date Whoopi, she is ugly and ugliest.

  68. patty says – reply to this


    okay, who in Hollywood ISN'T gay??? Is there ANYONE left??

  69. D'Oh Boy says – reply to this


    Woopie likes pussies … But does Pussies likes Woopie ????

  70. Mama Whoopiiiiii says – reply to this


    mama Whoopiiiiiiii is not funny and she dresses like she is going shopping at the supermarket, please, woman at least get a fashion adviser, you look bad, really bad. I stop watching The View since Rosie left.

  71. Mama Whoopiiiiii says – reply to this


    mama Whoopiiiiiiii is not funny and she dresses like she is going shopping at the supermarket, please, woman at least get a fashion adviser, you look bad, really bad. I stop watching The View since Rosie left.

  72. Paris says – reply to this


    Whoopiiiii, get an advise from a proffessional, learn how look decent, your hair need a good shampoo to get rid of the lice.

  73. Brook says – reply to this


    Whoopi's hair look dirty, she needs a good shampoo or something else to get rid of the lice .

  74. julius says – reply to this


    You know, the way you talk about other gays is really insulting.

  75. syd says – reply to this


    um.. HELLO whoopy is totally gay, I's surprised u don't know that

  76. jueli says – reply to this


    I was watching that. and i was all "whoa whoopies gettin a little frisky."

  77. jueli says – reply to this


    EDIT***I was watching that.-Because i only get 4 channels and that was the best thing on….sadly- and i was all "whoa whoopies gettin a little frisky."

  78. jmc says – reply to this


    Whoopi has a long time boyfriend. I know this for a fact.

  79. cowtowncowboy says – reply to this


    Like DUH! Have you never seen a bull dyke before?

  80. janell........................... says – reply to this


    i always thought that whoppi was a lesbo. just look at her. there is nothing sexy or feminine about her. she is still funny though.

  81. Leah says – reply to this


    why did you write "not star" on the picture? Do you think all black women look the same?

  82. Lezbian says – reply to this


    Re: Little Options – How fucking original of you… I guess if they only had met you, they would loooove dick! You are just as dumb as that dumb fuck Perez! Go back to your online porn asshole!

  83. Uterus Jones says – reply to this


    She should have come out years ago. No one's gonna care.

  84. BullFrogs says – reply to this


    whoopi used to spend lots of time in Ithaca, NY
    she was dating some dude there
    she doesn't like pussy
    she likes men
    done deal

  85. Linda says – reply to this


    I just barfed up my 3 Musketeers after reading that.

  86. ace says – reply to this


    didnt she date robert deniero?

  87. FYI says – reply to this


    #72 - Paris says – reply to this

    Whoopiiiii, get an advise from a proffessional, learn how look decent, your hair need a good shampoo to get rid of the lice.

    It is a medical fact that black people don't get lice. Lice on ly lives in hair that has no oils and black hair uses a lot fo oils since it does not have any naturally so you will find that Latinos and Blacks have almost no cases of lice.

    People with straight hair do. It's a fact. Ask your doctor.

    On that note, I like that Whoopi does not give a crap and is not trying to be Miss Pretty. She comes as she is. Cool. She is no Iman or Tyra Banks but who cares? At least she is real. So many fakes on TV. Most people on the street don't look all made up and stuff.

  88. david-0-Selznik says – reply to this


    who is this?

  89. ryan rivercrest says – reply to this


    she admitted on the view with rosie that she had a partner, heather! she's very manly too. she's gay and it aint no secret. so is baba wawa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    gay gay gay

  90. jai jai says – reply to this


    whoopi is bi.she has a daughter and was with ted danson for 10 years.

  91. Bryan's BF says – reply to this


    I like Whoopi — I like her more when she puts the ElisaBITCH HasselBITCH in her place.

  92. miamigirl78 says – reply to this


    Please! This is not a shocker to me! I've always thought she was gay……Love u Perez!!!!!!

  93. Perez Rocks says – reply to this


    I think she is just a little gay. She claims that she would do Nancy Pelosi's husband and than she added she would do Nancy also. Also she keeps lying to Elisacrack about how cute she is hoping to get on with her.

  94. DZArbonne says – reply to this


    Lose Weight Now
    Look at my space dzarbonne to learn more.

  95. Sherry says – reply to this


    Why do you insist on saying negative things about people, always remember that what goes around comes around fatty.