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Conan O'Brien News Archive

Puppy Conan!

| Filed under: TV NewsConan O'BrienCuteness!PuppyFunny

Conan O'Brien noticed how popular the Puppy Bowl has been.

So decided to come up with alternate programming for his show.

He introduced Puppy Conan!

We love Conan but that puppy is just about the cutest thing ever.

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Maya Rudolph's Friend's Dog Found The Hollywood Sign Severed Head

| Filed under: Conan O'BrienDogCrazzzzy

Maya Rudolph was on Conan with a pretty crazy story.

By now, most people have heard about the severed head found by a dog near the Hollywood sign.

Well it turns out the dog's owner is a friend of Maya Rudolph's!

Check out the above video to hear her tell Conan all about it and see a pic of the cute dog who looks shocked he found a head.

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David Cross Hated Making Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

| Filed under: Film FlickersConan O'BrienFunny

David Cross isn't afraid to hide his opinion, even if it's bashing a movie he starred in!!

He said making the animated/live action movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked was the:

"[…] most miserable experience I've ever had in my professional life."

Check out his HIGHlarious interview on Conan above.

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Snooki's Kitty Litter Facial Scrub

| Filed under: Conan O'BrienSnookiCat

Snooki was a guest on Conan, and conan had her new book and was going through it.

Aside from finding out he meets the requirements to be a guidette (be dorky and have 6-inch high hair) he learned Snooki's secret for a cheap exfoliator.

Check out the video to learn how kitty litter can make you prettier!

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Bull Fighting Banned In Barcelona

| Filed under: Conan O'BrienFunnyCow

In Catalonia, Spain, the city of Barcelona has finally stopped the cruel sport of bull fighting.


After years of animal rights activists' protests, the 700 year tradition is finally banned.

So what will all the bull fighters do now?

Conan O'Brien has more details for us in the HIGHlarious video above.

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LOLZ: Louis C.K.'s Tells Conan About His Dumb Dog

| Filed under: Conan O'BrienDogFunny


Louis C.K. came on Conan to promote his FX show Louie. (btw it's a hilarioos show you should all be watching it!)

So, in his stand up Louie talks a bunch bout being a single father, BUT in this interview with Conan O'Brien C.K. says there is something much harder than raising kids: raising a dog!

He says he saved his dog's life and now she hates him for it!! LOL!

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LOLZ: Andy Richter Goes Hillbilly Handfishn'

| Filed under: Conan O'BrienFishFunny


Conan sent Andy Richter to join the hosts of our new favorite show (to laugh at) Hillbilly Handfishn'!

Andy regrets the decision to go almost immediately. LOLZ!

Watch Andy catch a fish with his bare hand and pee himself on national TV at the same time!

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