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Ferrets News Archive

German Scientists Find Flu Vaccines…For Animals!

| Filed under: HealthScience!PetsFerretsPigMouse


Yayz!!! We bet a lot of you didn't even know animals could get the flu!

German scientists have discovered mRNA vaccines can help various species fight the flu.

Not just one vaccine….but multiple vaccines!

CurveVac as well as various German health boards have found that mRNA vaccines are immunogenic and combat viruses in mice, pigs and ferrets.

The mRNA vaccines help protect the body by producing antibody like reactions.

Good news for your animal friends folks!

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Jerk Ferret Hides The Remote

| Filed under: Cuteness!FerretsFunny

Wow! What a jerk!


This cute lil ferret is a trouble maker!

He must've been bored or feeling mischievous because he took the TV remote right off the table and ran off.

Luckily there was a cameraman there to catch him in the act and follow him.

Check out the video (above) to find out what this weasely little ferret does with his loot.

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Paris Hilton: Defender Of Ferrets!

| Filed under: Paris HiltonLegal MattersFerrets


It's so good of her to be taking a stand!

Paris Hilton was tragically forced to give up her two ferrets, Dolce and Gabbana, six years ago due to a law banning them as pets in the state of California, but now she's fighting back and attempting to have the policy removed!

Nature experts claim that the 80 year old ban was originally put into action to prevent escaped ferrets from setting up feral populations and affecting the local wildlife, but the heiress insists:

"If they are looked after properly they really are the sweetest, most lovable creatures."

Agreed! Ferrets are the cutest - even though they're a little smelly!

But it seems odd that the law is still in place, especially since many states have allowed them to become pets!

Keep fighting the good fight, gurl!

[Image via WENN.]

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New Species Found And Already Endangered

| Filed under: EndangeredFerretsDiscoveryProtection

New Mongoose species found near lake

A new mongoose-like mammal living in and near a lake in Madagascar has been identified as a new species.

Apparently it had been observed in 2004, but never officially documented. It is the first newly discovered carnivorous mammal in Madagascar in twenty-four years. Not much is known about the aquatic animal, other than it resembles a mongoose, and lives in marsh land at Lac Alaotra, which is Madagascar’s largest lake.

It's an ugly sucker, but still a new species! Yay!

The sad part of the discovery is since there is such a lack of members of the species, it is already being placed on the endangered species list. Along with the creature's small population, it is endangered due to agricultural expansion, pollution, burning of land, and invasive species.

This is such a bittersweet discovery. On one hand, while new animals are still being found, at the same time, the expansion of the human race is hurting them.

We have to find a balance with the planet, so we can sustain what we have before it is all gone! What would we do if the Earth died?

[Image via Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust]

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Holly Madison Goes All Out For Her Pets' Playhouse

| Filed under: Exclusives!Holly MadisonPetsFerretsAdoption


Leave it to Holly Madison to have an over-the-top setup for her pets.

Turns out Holly is the proud mama of two ferrets.

One of them, Sid, was given to her as a gift. While the other, Nancy, she actually adopted from a shelter.

And we’re betting those two are loving the fact they get to live with Holly. Just check out the playhouse she made them at her pad in Vegas!

The Pink Motel. A small little pond. A tiny hut.

Too cute!!!

Do U have playhouses for your pets?

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