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…And Tom's Helping Hand Was Shot Down

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How does that old saying go…

You can't help someone who doesn't want help?

Or maybe it's you can teach an old dog new tricks?????

Literally one day after actor Tom Arnold staged an intervention and convinced celebutard Jason Davis to enter rehab, Gummi Bear bailed!

Jason, who was reportedly pretty upset by the intervention, was spotted in Malibu with the the El Lay lawyer on every Z-lister's speed dial, Gloria Allred.

That's our Gum Gum!

[Image via WENN.]

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How Do We Say This Delicately???

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It looks like all the drug use has left this douche with permanent brain damage!

Brandon Davis showed up at the Nancy Davis Foundation's Race To Erase MS Orange Pass benefit in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

His family runs the charity.

His family has also reportedly cut off his allowance.

Broke and greasy, such a deadly combination!

[Image via WENN.]

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The best known for nothing celebutard, Jason Davis, has just been charged with possession….of HEROIN!!!

That explains soooooo much about him!

Last Friday, Davis was arrested by LAPD on Ventura Blvd for what they suspected to be cocaine possession. Turns out it was much much worse than that.

Now, the LA District Attorney has charged Davis with felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor of driving under the influence.

Mommy and Daddy are going to have to spend a lot of $$$ for his legal fees. It's a good thing they're loaded…and he's smashed!

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Fill In The Blank

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The fugliest celebretard on the planet limps out of Mr. Chow's on Wednesday night.


Jason Davis injured his foot ________.

[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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Sweet Little Angel

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Bless his heart!

Jason Davis takes a "nap" outside Paris Hilton's Malibu house on Saturday.

Food coma? Drug daze?


[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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